Reach your target score on this essential part of admissions to universities and boarding schools.

Over 90% of our students achieve their TOEFL goals.

Why Tokyo Academics for TOEFL?

We help thousands of students enter the schools of their dreams, and we have developed a unique solution to TOEFL test prep.


Report Scores

Start by providing your most recent TOEFL scores and your target scores*.

*Boarding schools typically require a score of 80 or higher, and universities require 100 or higher.


Meet Your Tutor

Study with your private tutor for 2 or more hours per week depending on your needs.


Schedule Your Coach

Because speaking and listening skills are difficult to practice independently, we offer a personal coach for regular, rigorous practice.


Expert Tutoring Lessons

In-person or online, learn from our world-class tutors who graduated from the best global universities. Our tutors teach the best methods for improving TOEFL scores in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Depending on your strengths and weaknesses, tutors adjust the content of each lesson; we use your scores from mock tests and homework to customize to you.  


Speaking and Listening Coaching

Online, practice with coaches who know the TOEFL test inside and out. They help you to practice on the skills that are challenging to practice alone: speaking and listening. 3-5 times per week, students work on various questions across the speaking section to turn new skills into habit.

What Families Are Saying

I took part in your TOEFL tutoring sessions last summer. I am writing this email to inform you that I have gained admission to my desired choice university - ICU (International Christian University). I want to thank you for your help on the TOEFL test in which my score aided my application and made my acceptance a possibility.


TOEFL Student

Thank you for your fun Lesson online. My daughter is learning a lot from you and her TOEFL score has already risen!!! ... Actually she has another online vocabulary lesson each day after yours. Thank you for your cooperation!! (M.F.)


TOEFL Student

I really had a good experience while studing with my tutor. My classes with him were so interesting, and I really had a good time conversing with him . I think Tokyo academic is where you can really find fun and standard tutors. I highly recommend this place


TOEFL Student

I want to continue the lessons, it’s very important for me and helps me a lot and it’s also fun.


TOEFL Student

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