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Across the globe, international students trust Tokyo Academics to prepare for tests like the SAT, SSAT, ISEE, IELTS, TOEFL and more! See why hundreds of families choose TA to achieve more.

of students achieve standardized test goals
Customer satisfaction in reading comprehension and writing
of students improve their essay writing in as little as 3 months

SSAT Scores

Our students have scored 700+ on verbal section of the SSAT

2000+ on the SSAT overall after taking our program.

Boarding School Acceptances

Why is vocabulary important?

It is the foundation to build on other skills

Language Development

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

Standardized Tests

  • SAT
  • SSAT

Benefits of Vocabulary Tutoring

  • Master 3,000+ words
  • Conquer 10+ curriculum levels
  • Incorporate words from 10+ major standardized tests (SSAT, ISEE, SAT, TOEFL, and more)
  • Overcome 50+ comprehensives tests and reviews
  • Accelerate your vocabulary just 20 minutes per day.

Try Our Games!

In Each Phase



For each new word, students are taught the definition, spelling, pronunciation, and parts of speech through comprehensive online instruction.



  • We use an advanced memory algorithm software in our classes.
  • Students review the words they are struggling with more frequently.
  • Students review the words they are not struggling with less frequently.


  • Jeopardy: Modeled after the original Jeopardy TV show, students are asked questions on definition, synonym/antonym, pronunciation and context.
  • Crossword: Students fill in a crossword puzzle by spelling and defining words.


  • At the end of each book, students are required to take a test and score over 90% in order to move onto the next book.
  • If students do not score over 90%, we review their areas of weakness before testing them again.

Who should take this class?

Students who are:

4th-10th grade
Looking to improve their reading, writing and speaking
Studying for the SSAT
Looking to get a head start on the SAT
Studying for the TOEFL or IELTS

What your child will learn

For each of over 1000 high frequency words, your child will learn how to:

Define the word
Recognize the word in context
Select synonyms/antonyms of the word
Pronounce the word
Spell the word

Test Your Vocabulary


Basic Stage
Students below 4th grade
are required to pass
this stage
480 words

Regular Stage
Start point for all students 4th grade and above. Everyday vocabulary
780 words

Intermediate Stage
Harder and more formal vocabulary
830 words

Expert Stage
Advanced vocabulary for
formal situations
1010 words

1 – 2 months

SSAT Lower Level
1 – 2 months

1 – 2 months

SSAT Middle Level
3 – 4 months

TA Visual
2 – 3 months

SAT Word Power 1
2 – 3 months

SAT Word Power 2
2 – 3 months

SAT Common Words
3 – 4 months

SAT Upper Level
2 – 3 months

Start Your 2-Week Free Trial

Trial flow


First contact

  • We will call or follow up via email to schedule an initial diagnostic lesson or discuss other options depending on your preferences
  • We will suggest a diagnostic test for SAT, SSAT, and other applicable subjects

Diagnostic Lesson / Class Audit

  • Discuss student background and goals with a tutor and community manager
  • Have a 2-week free trial lesson with a tutor to see how we work
  • Create a plan for taking group classes, private tutoring, or our other services that would benefit you

Registration & Scheduling

  • Schedule your sessions with a private tutor, group classes, or our other service
  • We will send our onboarding and registration information

You're all set!

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