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We offer group and private lessons both in-person and online at our Nishi-Azabu and Futako-Tamagawa locations.

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Fall Weekly 2022


New Futako-Tamagawa branch!

In addition to our Nishi-Azabu branch, we’ve opened another location in Futako-Tamagawa! Stop by anytime to schedule a free consultation.

College Info Session – Sunday, August 28th 2022

Join us for our next College Info Session! This month, we’re addressing the infamous “Why This School?” essay prompt. Learn valuable tips and advice from resident admissions expert Tyler Kusunoki.

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Get the scores you need on the SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, TOEFL, and more!

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Our tutors have expertise in a variety of tests, ranging from AP Physics to Elementary English! Whatever subject you need, we’re confident we can help.

Essay Counseling

Our team of expert essay counselors help students craft stellar admissions essays for American, British, Japanese and other western universities and boarding schools.

Admissions Consulting

We strive to help you reach your university and boarding school admission goals through personalized and focused one-on-one counseling.

Student Research

Conduct your own independent research with a TA research mentor. We have a proven record of student publications, presentations, and project success!

Online Vocabulary

Our Online Vocabulary Practice makes learning vocabulary fun, entertaining, and memorable by creating visual and impactful associations.

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Students at Tokyo Academics go on to attend top universities and boarding schools around the world.


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Harvard University
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Princeton University
Yale University
Cornell University
Brown University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Georgetown University School of Foreign Services
University of California, Berkeley
 University of California, Los Angeles
University of Washington, St. Louis
University of Chicago
Duke University
Northwestern University
The Juilliard School
University of Southern California
Barnard University
New York University Stern School of Business
Tufts University
Vanderbilt University
John Hopkins University
Carnegie Mellon University
Northeastern University
University of Notre Dame
University of Michigan

UK Universities

Cambridge University
University College London
London School of Economics
St. Andrews University

Canadian Universities

University of British Columbia
University of Toronto
McGill University

Japanese Universities

Keio University PEARL Program
Keio University GIGA Program
Waseda University SILS Program
Waseda University JCulP Program
Sophia University

Boarding Schools

Phillips Academy Andover
Phillips Exeter Academy
Tabor Academy
The Lawrenceville School
The Taft School
The Webb Schools
Choate Rosemary Hall
Cate School
Iolani School

Hear from our students

Find out why students and families come to Tokyo Academics for all their educational needs.

TA has been my ultimate support throughout high school and it gave me tremendous academic and emotional support. It is an environment that pushes me beyond what I thought was possible but also gives me comfort through care and guidance. It has made me more confident in my capabilities while giving me the ambition to reach higher. Thank you for creating this environment for me, other students and many more students to come. I will always credit my high school success to TA and continue to appreciate the care it puts into every individual. I’m sure I will continue to rely on TA for many things and I am excited to continue this journey of achievements together! Thank you so much! See you at graduation!

by A.Y.

Never have I had a teacher so supportive and respectful. I’ve been saved by your efforts multiple times and I can never thank you enough for it. From the time we spent covering AP World History material to helping me write college applications, I couldn’t have made it without you and your help. As I move onto college (thanks to all the help), I’ll truly miss you, the people at TA, and the office. Being able to learn from teachers like you has helped changed my life and I can’t stress enough how impactful your work is to a student like me. Again, thank you so much for all the help these past few years.

by J.K.

I can say with certainty that you have had the single most significant influence in my high school career. Ever since we had our first APWH one-on-one DBQ lesson on October 2rd 2016 and our first group APWH class on November 28th 2016, you have given me tremendous support and guidance in every way possible. I guess you could say it was a major turning point in my life (haha get it). You made me genuinely enjoy learning and I really look forward to our APWH group lessons every week. And thanks to your amazing teaching, I did really well in APWH.

It didn’t take long until I became very dependent on you and your wisdom. I’ve never been able to be so honest and comfortable around a teacher-like figure until you and I think it’s because you show such an unmatched level of care for me and I was constantly thinking “what would you tell me to do?” Your profound existence and influence in my life goes beyond classrooms in TA and you’ve actually become a part of the way I think and make decisions. 

So much of my success is owed to the academic and emotional support you gave me. I can confidently say I have learnt more from you than any other teacher or counselor combined. You have a true commitment to making your students happy and is it so beyond inspiring to see you working tireless hours to share your insane intelligence with students.

by Y.A.

From English papers to college apps and even the occasional STEM help, I cannot thank you enough. I’ve come across my fair share of teachers – the good, the bad, and the okay. You, however, have left the greatest impact on me. You are one of the amazing ones and have continued to inspire me and a lot of my friends, even though we don’t make it too easy for you at times. You were undeniably hard on me at times, but I appreciate it so much now because you have pushed me to become a much better writer. I really credit everything I’ve accomplished and my self-confidence to you. I really don’t know where I’d be without you. You are so much more than just a tutor. I will take your lessons with me wherever I go. Thank you for always believing in me – you showed me how capable I am.

by I.H.

I would highly recommend Tokyo Academics tutors for high school students looking for outstanding SAT/ACT prep or application essay coaching. Our tutor was sharp, knowledgeable and knew how to focus on what my son needed to accomplish for him to succeed. My son had great results working with him.

by N.W.

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