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Apr 29
Quick Tips for the Common Application Essay
As many of you kick your essay efforts into high-gear, the head of our Essay Counseling Division, Taka, has two pro-tips on college essays based on current trends in admissions we are seeing.

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Aug 23
Study Less…And Do It Right!
“Studying” sounds unpleasant. Why? Because sometimes we get impatient when we want to succeed. Preparing for an important test is a long process when we want to score that A.  It shouldn’t be something we dislike, especially since it’s something we all (should) do. Short, productive study sessions create a happy medium, and here’s how
Aug 07
Overcome Your Fear of Not Getting Into Your Dream School
Dreams and ambitions are behind some of the most iconic historical events. They are what drive us towards our purpose and success. As a young adult, having a dream college and working hard to achieve it is admirable and there is so much riding on this aspiration that the fear of never achieving it can
Jul 31
Choosing Extracurriculars For High School
Most of your high school experience has structure – meaning you don’t have much of a choice when it comes to what, when, and how you do something regarding academics. Because of this lack of variety, your college applications may not be as interesting as you want. This is where extracurriculars come in. Extracurriculars are
Jul 23
Choosing the Right College
To paraphrase advice given to an amazing man: with great decisions comes great uncertainty! Ultimately, the choices you make about your education will determine your future. Ominous, isn’t it? While the college decision may seem like one large decision, it’s easier to think about it as a bunch of smaller decisions and questions to be made
Apr 29
Paving the road abroad for Japanese students
While there has been a push for more Japanese students to go abroad for university these past few years, there still remain numerous hurdles and difficulties in doing so. Examples of such hurdles include perceived cost, time commitment, and access to resources and information…
Apr 29
New Service: College-Bound Profile (with Strong®)
Tokyo Academics is excited to announce a new service for high school students: the “College-Bound Profile” counseling service. As part of our growing menu of College Admissions Counseling services, this 90-minute session provides…