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Our research program produces world-class academics. Experienced mentors lead students through all stages of experimental design, data collection, academic writing, and publication.

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Why Research?

Top tier universities look for students with unique and exceptional achievements. Completing a research project demonstrates perseverance, ambition, and intellectual abilities to college admissions officers. Our students have published research papers in academic journals and presented their findings at international conferences.

As you work closely with an expert research mentor, you’ll learn how to read and write academic papers, build your technical knowledge in the field, and gain first-hand experience in data collection and analysis.

Build Your Own Research Project

Our team of STEM, Social Sciences, and Humanities mentors are the catalyst for meaningful and novel research



Social Sciences

At Spark, Students work 1-on-1 with an expert from start to finish. We have a proven record of student publications, and project success.

Our Past Projects

Our exceptional research students have published their research in academic journals and presented at international conferences. Below is a selection of our recent students’ work.

Evolution Through Art: Biomimesis in EcoLogicStudio’s H.O.R.T.U.S. Series

Caryn Ohki

The Impact of Rapid State Policy Response on Cumulative Deaths Caused by COVID-19

Takuto Nakamura

End-to-end Classification of Ballroom Dancing Music Using Machine Learning

Noémie Voss

Comparative Analysis of IMUs and Motion Detecting Technology for Measuring Patients’ Lumbar and Cervical Spines’ Range of Motion

David Bass

Text Classification Based on Machine Learning: Quantifying the Sentiment of Online Reviews

Shreya Subramaniam

Authorship Attribution of 50 Victorian Era Novelists with Convolutional Neural Networks

Kei Yamashita

Previous Student Outcomes

Our Research Mentors

We believe that great high school research starts with great mentorship. Our mentors are not only excellent researchers but also experienced high school instructors. Whether you’re interested in machine learning or art history, our team can help you conduct truly novel research. 

Elizabeth Feldeverd
Hayden Mueller
Subo Wijeyeratne

Cornell University 
(B.S. in International Agriculture and Rural Development)
University of Hawaii 
(M.A. in Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering)

Primary Expertise:
Molecular Biology, Plant Biology, Agricultural Science

Trinity College
(B.A. in Theater & Dance and German Studies)
University of the People
(in progress, M.Ed. in Advanced Teaching – Elementary & Middle School Education)

Primary Expertise:
Performance Studies, 20th Century German History, Aesthetic Philosophy

University of Cambridge
(B.A. and M.A. in History)

Primary Expertise:
 History (Medieval, Modern Japan, History of Science and Technology)

Hieu Nguyen
Melissa Sarmiento

Brown University
(A.B. in Human Biology)
University of Maryland College Park
(Ph.D. in Bioengineering)

Primary Expertise:
Microbiology, Organic chemistry

Cornell University
(B.A. in History, Minored in German and Latin American Studies)
Brown University
(in progress, M.A.T. with a focus on Social Studies)

Primary Expertise:
Religious history, Latin American Studies.

What our students are saying

Over the summer, I conducted my own research on the human enzyme CYP2D6 and its effects of its mutation the binding affinity of common antidepressants prescribed in Japan. Along with a complete literature review, I was able to experiment with various field-specific tools and software to collect data. I highly recommend it to other students who are keen on further investigating their interests and achieving research experience before college.

by Miu, Summer 2020 researcher

Doing a research project on biomimetic art theory has been one of the most rewarding experiences. My research allowed me to refine my general interests and then sharpen my skills while I learned how real research works. The process tested my grit, passion, and ability to think like an academic researcher. It helped me build a strong foundation in my interests. I gained confidence, and have a strong desire to understand and share more. If you have the time and patience, I would say go for it!

by Caryn, Summer 2020 researcher

My research involved implementing and evaluating a data augmentation technique for artificial neural network potentials. Writing my first paper has really helped me solidify my passion for computational physics and materials science…I have learned an incredible amount about the materials informatics and machine learning. If you’re willing to put in the work, I would definitely recommend trying your hand at an independent research project!

by Alana, Summer 2020 researcher

Join our community of driven researchers.

Our students have published their research on biosensors, art theory, machine learning, international relations, education, economics, and other cutting-edge topics.

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