Jonathan BA, MSc, PhD Candidate

Tohoku University


Tohoku University, PhD in Earth Science (In progress)
Tohoku University, MSc in Earth Science
International Space University, MSc in Space Studies
CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A. Double Concentration in Economics and International Relations

Prebiotic geochemistry, Earth Science, Astrobiology, International Relations, Economics

Jonathan is a skilled educator, with over 20 years of experience teaching and mentoring both students and teachers from all over the world, in 6 countries, across 4 continents. Jonathan has presented his research and work at academic institutions, conferences, and national space agencies, but has also been continually mentoring students for presentations and publications as well. He is currently researching prebiotic geochemistry and the origins of life at Tohoku University.

Jonathan’s additional teaching experience ranges from coaching junior high school and high school students for Science Olympiad to writing curricula for multiple schools and mentoring students as a teacher in the classroom.

Select Presentations and Publications:

  • March 2022, Society of Origins and Evolution of Life Academic Conference, Japan (Oral Presentation), “Synthesis of Mixed Glycine and Alanine Oligomers in Wet-dry Environments on the Prebiotic Earth”, Jonathan Stimmer, Takeshi Kakegawa, Yoshihiro Furukawa
  • March 2019, AbSciCon 2019, (Oral presentation), “Synthesis of Bio-important Molecules in Oceanic Impact plumes”, Jonathan Stimmer, Takeshi Kakegawa, Yoshihiro Furukawa
  • September 2016, IAC 2016 (paper), ”Planetary Protection and the search for life on the Icy Moons of the Solar System: A Technology Roadmap”, Bartos V., Chagas M., Christensen J., Hedima R., Iliffe P., Jones W., Kaethler S., Shanthini K., Kaspar K., King A., Medapalli A., Ochanda N, Punch O, Rocha de Oliviera M., Rodriguez D., Russitano M., Stimmer J., Vikner A., Xu E., Zhang W.

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