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9 Biology Research Opportunities: High School Edition

10 Biology Research Opportunities: High School Edition

Biology is a fascinating and adaptable subject that provides a view into the natural world. The study of biology provides a number of intriguing prospects for research, regardless of your interest in human, plant, or animal life. However, it is a common issue for students to sift through lengthy lists of research opportunities in search of ones that properly match their interest in biology. We offer 9 biology-related research ideas for high school students in this discipline-specific list. While some of these programs require payment, others are free.

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Here are 9 chances for high school students to conduct biological research:

1. University of Chicago’s Research in the Biological Sciences (RIBS)

An intensive four-week pre-college summer program called Research in the Biological Sciences at the University of Chicago exposes students to a range of research methods in the areas of molecular biology, microbiology, and cellular biology. Although some lectures are included in the curriculum to give background information and introduce fascinating new concepts, the whole program is focused on lab time and projects. Students present the findings from their own projects at the end of each course.

Cost: $11,400

2. Summer Research Fellowship for High School Students at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory

For high school students interested in honing their research skills in the sciences who are at least sixteen years old, the MDI Biological Laboratory offers summer research fellowship possibilities. Those interested in receiving hands-on research training experience in a cutting-edge laboratory are welcome to apply to the 10-week program. A stipend is given to students in exchange for their involvement.

Cost: Free

3. Hutton Junior Fisheries Program in Biology

The American Fisheries Society (AFS) funds a high school educational program called the Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program (Hutton Program). Students in their junior and senior years who are interested in studying science subjects related to natural resource and environment management are eligible for the program, which is a compensated summer opportunity. Students take part in studies related to the science of fisheries, habitat preservation, and restoration.

Cost: Free

4. The NIH’s Biomedical Research Summer Internship Program (HS SIP)

Students in their senior year are given this chance by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Alongside some of the top scientists in the world, students spend a summer working at the NIH. They spend a minimum of 8 weeks working in a setting that is solely dedicated to biomedical research. A stipend is given to students in exchange for their involvement.

Cost: Free

5. Academic Connections Research Scholars at UC San Diego

A total of 25 students have been chosen to collaborate privately with UCSD faculty researchers. They carry out their study in a real biology or biochemistry lab on campus. Both winter and summer sessions of the six-week curriculum are available. 

Cost: $4200

6. Summer Research Program at Indiana University’s Simon Cancer Center

The Indiana University Simon Cancer Center’s Summer Research Program (SRP) aims to increase the proportion of underrepresented high school and undergraduate students. Students interested in biomedical and behavioral scientific subjects should enroll in this program. The students are provided with practical experience in these fields. Seniors in high school may enroll in the program, which lasts for 8 weeks.

Cost: Free

7. Fred Hutch’s Summer Internship Program for High School Students

Rising seniors in high school are eligible to apply for an 8-week, paid summer research position at Fred Hutch. For its groundbreaking work in biological sciences, bone marrow and stem cell transplantation, cancer prevention, epidemiology, and biostatistics, the Hutch has earned an international reputation. Students can get a stipend for taking part in the program.

Cost: Free

8. Summer Research Program for UC Irvine Math Students

Math ExpLR is a mathematical biology program that last for 6 weeks. Students will work with undergraduate partners and a main investigator on a computational biology research project. Additionally, there will be weekly skill-building activities, such as lessons on giving presentations or using a computer to write equations. Before the project ends, each student will present their research and create an expository paper on it.

Cost: Free

9. Cornell University’s Research Apprenticeship in Biological Sciences (RABS)

Through this program, known as RABS, dedicated and research-oriented students can work alongside some of Cornell’s top professors and PhD associates on an investigative project. The program is rigorous because students may work on a research team for 40 or more hours per week. At the conclusion of the six-week course, students create an oral presentation and a written report suitable for publication.

Cost: $12,825

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