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Raised in Japan, Yuno moved to the United States as a high school student to attend the Groton School, a boarding school in Massachusetts, USA. As one of 5 Inclusion Scholars in her cohort, she received a full scholarship to attend high school. After high school, she attended Princeton University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Physics in May 2023.

Yuno was involved in scientific research in all four years of undergrad, completing projects in a variety of subfields including plasma physics, geophysics, cosmology, and particle physics. Her research in geophysical fluid dynamics resulted in a first-author publication accepted to the Journal of Computational Physics. She is a two-time recipient of the Allen G. Shenstone Prize for outstanding research contributions and excellence in coursework. For her bachelor thesis, she developed the first working design for a component of a novel neutrino experiment. She was honored by the Kusaka Memorial Prize in Physics for outstanding thesis work. She is currently spending some time in Japan, before returning to the U.S. to pursue a PhD in physics.

Despite having been deeply intimidated by physics as a high school student, Yuno attributes her decision to pursue the field to her teachers in introductory physics courses at Princeton, who presented complex topics in an approachable manner by emphasizing a solid foundation in the underlying concepts. As a tutor at Tokyo Academics, her goal is to prepare students from a wide range of backgrounds to be able to approach math and physics with confidence.

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