V. Sharma

University of Tsukuba
(Online only)


V. Sharma is a diplomatic scholar from India to Japan. He’s a researcher at the University of Tsukuba, majoring in Computer science and Finance. His research domain is portfolio optimization algorithms and bond-swaps hedging. He’s also a recipient of a prestigious ARE ( advancing researcher experience) grant.

He has also worked with NASA in tracking asteroids (image analysis) and was one of the youngest researchers to make a near-earth object observation. V. Sharma has a keen interest in diplomacy. He was India’s representative to G200 for Trade and Finance. He is an active member of the executive committee of TEMUN (Tsukuba English Model United Nations) and TEDx UTsukuba.

Apart from academics, he loves pro-shooting, cooking, and learning about the history of tea.
V. Sharma is the senior-most STEM tutor at TA. His students have been to top universities and got high scores in SAT®, AP®, A levels & IB. He teaches SAT Math, Calc AB & BC, Econ, Statistics, Physics, and Chemistry.

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Curriculum Expertise

AP®/IB, ACT/SAT®, SSAT/ISEE, SCAT, IGCSE/GCSE, A Level, British Primary, Elementary School, Middle School, High School

Subject Expertise

Science, Math, Humanities, English

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