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Steven graduated from the University of Florida in 2013 with a BA in Mathematics. He first started his teaching career at the age of 18, tutoring college students in mathematics at Miami Dade College, Florida. He continued by becoming a supplemental instructor for Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry and Calculus courses at the University of Florida. After graduating, he moved to Beijing, China to teach AP® Calculus AB/BC at a public high school. In 2015, he moved to a rural, mountain village in Kochi Prefecture, working as an assistant language teacher via the JET Program at a local elementary/junior high school. After teaching with the JET Program for three years, he felt a yearning for teaching mathematics, so he moved to Ishikawa Prefecture to teach Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry and Calculus at an international college.


His exposure to 40+ countries and their cultures has helped him tremendously when working with all types of students with different backgrounds and perspectives. His teaching philosophy is closely related to the idea that creating a rapport with his students manifests a positive atmosphere. This then allows students to feel comfortable and open to new ideas and thoughts, where conceptual understanding takes place. 


Aside from his passion for academia, he enjoys doing projects with his son, traveling around the world, playing racquetball, and participating in festivals all around Japan.

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Curriculum Expertise

AP®, IGCSE, ISEE, SSAT, IB, Elementary School, Middle School, High School

Subject Expertise


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