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Santiago graduated from University of Notre Dame with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. During his studies he conducted nanotechnology research for 3 years earning him 2 undergraduate research fellowships. He also pursued advanced courses in Analytical Dynamics, Reliability Engineering, Designing of Energy- Efficient Buildings, and Wind Turbine Design his senior year earning him a spot in the Dean’s list. Before College, Santiago was top 5 on his graduating high-school class, and scored a 790/800 on the Math portion of the SAT on his first try. He was also the winner of the XV Colombian Science Olympics, and the president of the Environmental Club.

Santiago got a variety of teaching experience. He was a teacher of geometry, chemistry and English in Micronesia for grade 11 and 12. In his experience as a Research and Development engineer, he was in charge of training non-technical staff to understand upcoming product changes. Most recently, he was in charge of the training aspect of an innovation fellowship program where he taught a diverse group of professionals about entrepreneurship and project management essentials. Throughout his experience, Santiago encourages curiosity-driven learning and always aims to find the best methodology for each student to retain the knowledge for the long term.

In his free time, Santiago likes cooking dishes from different cultures, listening to podcasts and finding something new to learn. He is currently aiming to run 1000 km during 2024.

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