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Russ is deeply passionate about science and math. He’s originally from Northern California, where he was exposed to Silicon Valley from a young age. In high school, he obtained perfect scores on the SAT®, several SAT® subject tests, and several AP® and IB tests. He also took the MCAT in high school and scored in the 96% percentile. Additionally, he worked very hard at the US National Science Bowl and the US Biology Olympiad, two extremely tough science competitions — Russ and his high school team won Science Bowl, and he reached US National Finals for Biology Olympiad.

After high school, Russ attended Stanford. Although he loved biology, he wanted a more difficult challenge, so he majored in electrical engineering and studied circuits and signal processing. Russ worked in several research labs, published a statistics paper in a prestigious journal (IEEE), and had one of the highest GPAs in the entire university. He continued his studies and received an MS in electrical engineering from Stanford.

After graduation, he moved to Tokyo in 2016 and worked at a famous robotics startup (Mujin) for many years. At this startup, he helped develop new AI algorithms, built automatic factories in Japan and China, and received 10 patents for his new inventions. He left this startup to found his own company in the IoT/smart-home space. However, he still has a strong passion for education and loves teaching and tutoring.

Russ tutored all throughout high school and college, so he’s continuing this tradition by tutoring at Tokyo Academics. He has several years of tutoring experience working with high school students in math, science, the SAT®, AP®, and IB exams, and he’s even tutored college classmates for undergraduate mathematics and the MCAT.

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Curriculum Expertise

AP®, SAT®, IB, A-Level, GCSE, High School

Subject Expertise

Science, Mathematics

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