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Hannah graduated in 2018 from the University of Chicago with honors in Sociology and East Asian Languages and Civilizations. They wrote their undergraduate thesis on the 1960s student movements in Japan, combining quantitative and qualitative research methods. Hannah went on to work at the National Opinion Research Center, conducting public health research until they moved to Japan at the end of 2019. Hannah lived in Kobe and worked teaching English until 2023, when they moved to Tokyo for graduate school. They are now studying at Waseda University in the Graduate School of Social Sciences, and are projected to receive their Masters degree in the spring of 2025.

In their time teaching in Kobe, Hannah worked with students ages 3 through 18. They are experienced with young learners, ESL students, and high schoolers with university ambitions. Having gone through the IB program themselves, Hannah is well versed in both IBMYP and IB Diploma standards, and has tutored students in both. In addition to English, Hannah has instructed students in History and Social Studies. They are most passionate about helping students write clearly, persuasively, and creatively. Hannah believes that the skills necessary for academic success in English and History are hugely important for post-high school and even post-graduate life. The ability to analyze material critically, and to clearly express ones opinions is invaluable.

Outside of school, Hannah is a community organizer and helps run a community art and event space in West Tokyo. In their free time they enjoy writing creative non-fiction, but their favorite genre to read is science-fiction (the more complicated and obscure, the better!).

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Curriculum Expertise

AP®, A-Level, IB, ISEE, SSAT Elementary School, Middle School, High School

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English, Social Science, Arts, Humanities

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