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Charles graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015 with double Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Communication arts, as well as a certificate in digital studies.  As a student, he cooperated with the Andrew Goodman Foundation to head an initiative which installed Voter-ID machines across campus, assisting over 40,000 students in joining the democratic process.     


Having completed his degree, he leveraged his academic record and a prior internship on Capitol Hill to secure a job working for a United States Senator. Having had positive experiences working closely with teachers in that capacity, he decided to pursue the profession in his own right, taking a job at The American School in Japan’s Learning Resource Center, teaching English and social studies.  


During his tenure at ASIJ, Charles supported students with a variety of literary and social studies instruction, ranging from 10th grade English to AP® Seminar, and 9th grade Humanities to AP® Economics. Observing the extraordinary benefits that a one-on-one learning environment can offer a student, he decided to continue with this style of instruction at Tokyo Academics.  He works hard every day to bring his passion for pedagogy, literature, and communication to TA’s robust community.


Outside of TA, Charles is building a body of work as a 35mm film photographer, learning from the likes of Ansel Adams and Kotori Kawashima in the pursuit of his own unique style.  He is also working hard to learn Japanese to better engage with the wonderful culture which surrounds him, and also to read the works of literary masters such as Natsume Soseki and Mieko Kawakami in their native language.

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Curriculum Expertise


SAT®, ACT, Middle School, High School

Subject Expertise


English, Social Studies, Economics, Humanities