Anna N.

Georgetown University
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Anna graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, with one of the highest GPAs in her major. She has been actively teaching since 2016 when she was offered a highly-coveted teaching assistant position after receiving the best score on the geography exam required for all School of Foreign Service freshmen. Her mastery of the Persian language in three years landed her another teaching assistant post for the Intensive Persian program at Georgetown in 2017, through which she gained valuable experience instructing undergraduate and graduate students in the depth and poetry of the Persian language. Anna takes pride in her ability to break down even the most complicated material into simple, tangible, and engaging concepts, something she has been able to hone from over 500 hours of experience teaching the SAT® and ACT tests, successfully helping her students surpass their dream scores. 


Spurred by a love for researching new historical narratives and exploring the present moment in the language of the past, Anna is currently working on an MA degree in Global History from the Humboldt and Frei Universities in Berlin.

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Curriculum Expertise

AP®, ACT, SAT®, Middle School, High School

Subject Expertise

English, Humanities