Anna M.

University of Toronto
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Anna earned her Bachelor of Arts with High Distinction from the University of Toronto with majors in History and English. She was on the Dean’s List for the entirety of her undergraduate career and received several writing awards, most notably the Jerome Samuel Rotenburg Travel Award, which funded her independent research in the UK regarding the use of radioactive materials in consumer products during the early 20th century. She was accepted into Oxford’s Graduate Studies Programme but opted to move to Japan instead, where she has remained ever since.

Anna worked as a library guide co-ordinator at the University of Toronto’s Kelly Library in addition to tutoring new arrivals to Canada in English. She has taught in the Japanese education system at the Elementary and Junior High levels since 2016, spending her first three years in Okinawa on the JET Programme before moving to Aichi, where she currently resides.

In addition to History and English, Anna’s passions include kimono, collecting kokeshi dolls, volunteering with rescue cats, and spoiling her own two cats. At the moment, her goals number only two: to visit all 47 prefectures (with only a handful left to go at the time of writing) and to pass the N1, which she is currently studying for. Once both are complete, she may or may not take up skydiving.

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