Alex C.

Emory University
(Online & In-Person)


Alex graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biophysics and Minor in Music. He has been tutoring students since high school, when he founded and led a volunteer program that enabled struggling students to receive tutoring from National Honor Society members. It was during this time that he achieved perfect scores on the AP Physics, Calculus I, and Calculus II tests. He leveraged his knowledge in these subjects to continue privately tutoring through college, helping all of his students achieve A marks in college-level Physics and Calculus. Over the past year, he has been teaching English in public elementary schools in Japan.

Alex is a strong proponent of teaching not only subject material, but also necessary study skills for learning beyond formal education. He has long followed this mindset in his own learning, exploring various areas of study outside the classroom. During college, he produced multiple short films that were shown in and won awards in the film competition Campus Movie Fest. After college, he joined the Atlanta film industry as a professional camera assistant, working alongside stars such as Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis.

He studied most of his knowledge in Japanese outside of school, and hopes to soon pass the JLPT N2. In addition to his studying, he loves playing chess, rock climbing, and learning about Japanese culture.

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Curriculum Expertise

AP®, A-Level, GCSE, IB, Middle School, High School

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Mathematics, Science

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