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Maggie is a graduate of the University of Oxford, where she specialized in French and Russian language and literature. She spent her year abroad at Yaroslavl’ Demidov State University. Having attended both UK state and public schools, she has an acute understanding of the British education system and the qualities it expects to see in applicants to top universities. After interning at Vienna International School and developing an English language kokusai curriculum for a Tokyo junior high school, she joined the Tokyo Academics team, eager to use her varied background in education to help students from around the world access the schools and universities of their dreams.

In her current roles as a consultant and private tutor, Maggie has gained extensive experience helping students reach their academic goals. Her work as a consultant has given her invaluable insight into UK, US, and Japanese admissions systems, while tutoring has attuned her to students’ motivation and ability, allowing her to draw on their unique strengths and interests to assist them in achieving ever more ambitious goals.

Maggie is committed to helping each student represent themselves in the best possible light, tailoring her approach to both the individual and their target universities. Through her role pioneering specialized welfare support for the Oxford LGBTQ+ community as a “Rainbow Peer” and her volunteer work improving access to higher education for refugees in Japan and the UK, she has become particularly attuned to the diverse needs and concerns of students as they navigate the process of preparing for university. Having experienced the transformative benefits of a world-class education herself, Maggie is passionate about supporting her students to make confident, competitive applications to universities at which they can be positive they will excel.

Maggie’s students have been accepted to a wide range of top UK, US, and Japanese universities including USC, UC Irvine, UCL, UCSC, Bocconi, George Washington University, American University, Pomona College, the Lawrenceville School, Bunka Fashion College Tokyo, Waseda SILS, University of Washington, UMass Amherst, Liverpool University, Sophia FLA, Todai PEAK, University of Leeds, and many others.

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