PRESENTING: Kimball Union Academy

*日本語で読む Kimball Union Academy is one of the oldest boarding schools in the United States and known for their individualized support including ESL for their students. Meet KUA’s Director of Admissions and one of their current students! With over 300 boarding schools in the United States, selecting the right one can be a daunting task,

SSAT Prep Info Session

*日本語で読む Join our SSAT Prep Info Session with TA’s Academic Manager Kaitlyn Cyprian. Learn how you can achieve your target score and increase your chances of getting accepted into top boarding schools. This will be an excellent opportunity to hear from an expert on test prep curriculum here at Tokyo Academics. When Date & Time:

College Info Session: Identifying Your X-Factor

With college admissions more competitive than ever before, crafting your high school profile to really stand out is increasingly essential. A great GPA, excellent test scores, and strong leadership are not enough to distinguish your application from the hundreds of thousands of students who also have all of those things. How can you ensure your

College Talks June: Maximize Your Summer For College Success

Do you want to use this summer to gain a competitive edge in the college admissions process? With the summer break set to get underway, it’s important to make sure that you have a concrete plan to maximize these next couple months before school starts back up again. The average Ivy League applicant fills their

Panel Discussion: Getting into Boarding School

*日本語で読む What do I need to do to get in? Answering this question is not always straightforward or simple, especially in a world where top boarding schools are only accepting 10-15% of applicants, with that number falling even lower for international students. Come join us for a special panel conversation as the Boarding School Admissions

College Talks: How to write your ‘Golden Ticket’ essay

As summer begins, many of our rising seniors have begun working with TA’s essay counselors on the rewarding yet arduous process of brainstorming, outlining, writing, and revising the application essays that will determine whether they gain admittance to their dream universities. On average, our most successful students spend: 20 lesson hours on the Common App

Boarding School Connection: Hotchkiss and Taft Student Panel Discussion July 2023

*日本語で読む “Is boarding school right for me?” This is the very first question families should ask themselves when considering boarding school. One of the best ways to answer this question is to talk to those who have firsthand experience. Next month, TA will be hosting members of the Boarding School Alumni of Japan, an organization

College Talks: 2023美大升学指南+解说 (Conducted in Chinese)

亲爱的高中同学和家长们,你们是不是对大学录取过程充满好奇和疑问?琢磨怎么样才能成功进入理想的学校呢?大家期盼已久的“大学之道“2023夏季版来啦! 7月29日,星期六,我们精心准备了一场别开生面的活动,将深入探讨大学录取的奥秘,教你如何让申请材料脱颖而出。活动精彩内容包括: 2023年录取进展解析 展示个人才华和特点的妙招 如何写出一篇让人过目难忘的个人陈述 2023年新的录取趋势和政策 与大学招生专家互动提问 还有更多精彩环节! 特别嘉宾,TA的升学部总监Harry Hu将分享他的宝贵经验。还有机会参与小组讨论哦! 时间:7月29日,星期六 准时:下午6点(日本时间) 地点:Zoom线上直播 费用:完全免费! 把握这个难得的机会,为大学申请充实自己的知识库和信心。名额有限,赶快点击下面的链接报名吧! 点我报名参加2023年“大学之道”夏季版 欢迎告诉你的朋友和家人,一起来参加!分享快乐,成长更精彩!期待与你们相见。TA招生咨询团队 敬上 附言:欢迎您带上升学有关问题来访,我们的专家会为你提供个性化的建议,帮你顺利走上成功之路

College Talks August: State of College Admissions

Is "test-optional" really optional? How are colleges changing their application process in response to ChatGPT and AI? The questions around college admissions are ever-changing and increasingly complex. Tokyo Academics is here to help give you some answers. In this talk, Senior Admissions Consultant Tyler Kusunoki will be discussing the latest shifts in college admissions priorities

Boarding School Connection: UWC ISAK Japan Info Session (Webinar)

*日本語で読む United World Colleges (“UWC”) has schools and colleges in 18 different countries and regions and there are more than 60,000 alumni all over the world. For those students who want to have international boarding experience and a world-class education in the middle of Japan, UWC International School Asia in Karuizawa ("ISAK") Japan might be

College Talks September: Preparing for College Fairs

They're back! After several years of COVID-based isolation, international college fairs are finally returning to many high school campuses, as well as to the annual Kanto Plains Fair. College fairs represent excellent opportunities to research schools, build relationships with admissions officers, and practice your college pitch. Unfortunately, many students are not prepared for these opportunities

College Connection: The University of Southern California (in-person)

Tokyo Academics Nishiazabu 6F

Register for an exclusive info session with one of the highest ranked universities in the U.S. Join the TA Admissions Consulting Division in partnership with The University of Southern California for a meet-and-greet with one of USC’s chief admissions officers. Don't miss this chance to gain firsthand knowledge about life at USC and how to

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