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Feb 01
Everything You Need to Know to Crush Your 2024 Digital SAT
The SAT is an essential part of your college admissions journey, and it’s no wonder many students are feeling the pressure, especially with so many big changes to this year’s
Jan 16
10 Best Medical Research Opportunities
In this article, we outline 10 excellent ways for high school students to get a head start in the medical sector.
Jan 08
Top 18 International Schools In Tokyo
Here is a list of the international schools in Tokyo most often considered by English-speaking expats. International Schools in Japan Do you want to improve your chances of getting into
Jan 04
Navigating MAP Test Results: A Guide for International School Students
As international students, you’re already familiar with the challenges and rewards of adapting to different educational systems. Twice a year, you take the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test to gauge your academic growth. Understanding the results is crucial in mapping your educational journey.
Dec 21
The Ultimate AP Guide for International Students
Explore the pivotal role of AP exams in US college admissions, learn effective study strategies, and understand how a strong AP profile can set you apart as an international student.
Dec 11
Ivy League: Why Stanford University?
Why choose Stanford University over Ivy League institutions? We’ve listed out 8 reasons (and more!) why Stanford is worth your while.