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Dec 05
Ultimate List of High School Research Opportunities
Looking for volunteer opportunities? Check out our compiled list of research volunteer opportunities for high school students here!
Dec 02
10 Crucial Interview Tips You Should Know
Here’s how to get ready for a technical interview, including tips on talking well and reviewing technical interview questions
Dec 01
The Complete Prep Guide For College Application
Here’s a compilation of what high school students at all levels should be doing to prepare for the College Application season
Nov 29
7 Interesting Books For High Schoolers
Not a big reader? We’ve put up a collection of intriguing novels to grab your attention and encourage you to enjoy reading!
Nov 28
How to Publish Your High School Research
Publishing your high school research paper is a great way to stand out on your college applications. Here’s your guide to getting started!
Nov 25
College Application Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteering is a great extracurricular activity that stands out on college applications. Here’s everything you need to know about it!