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Feb 15
The Rise in Competitiveness of College Applications
As more and more college decisions are released (congratulations to our seniors who have already heard some good news!), some data points have emerged around the rapidly increasing competitiveness of
Feb 08
International students have one more chance to take SAT subject tests
It’s official. College Board’s decision to do away with SAT subject tests and the SAT Optional Essay was made to help students “adapt to new realities and changes to the
Jan 21
Understanding your College Counselor
Many parents are skeptical about the need for a college counselor. Even for students/families who are on top of the bureaucratic elements of applications (registering for tests, getting scores sent,
Aug 23
Study Less…And Do It Right!
“Studying” sounds unpleasant. Why? Because sometimes we get impatient when we want to succeed. Preparing for an important test is a long process when we want to score that A. 
Aug 07
Overcome Your Fear of Not Getting Into Your Dream School
Dreams and ambitions are behind some of the most iconic historical events. They are what drive us towards our purpose and success. As a young adult, having a dream college
Jul 31
Choosing Extracurriculars For High School
Most of your high school experience has structure – meaning you don’t have much of a choice when it comes to what, when, and how you do something regarding academics.