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Aug 16
Japanese Boarding Schools
First, it would be helpful to define what a boarding school is. The definition of “boarding school” is sometimes thought of as a private school with a dormitory.
Aug 15
Stanford University Highlight
Stanford University’s world-class education, picturesque campus, and stellar athletic program are a few reasons why many high school students make it their top choice.
Aug 12
Ivy League Schools: Everything You Need to Know
Princeton University, Cornell University, Harvard University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Brown University, Yale University, and the University of Pennsylvania belong to the elite group of competitive universities that make up the Ivy League. If you’re wondering how to get into Ivy League colleges, we can help.
Aug 11
UC Berkeley Admissions Requirements
UCB takes great pride in its many accomplishments, ranks highly across the board, and has a 14.8 percent average acceptance rate for incoming, out-of-state freshmen.
Aug 10
The New Digital SAT [UPDATE]
The SAT and ACT’s current dovetailing is about to diverge. The SAT’s strategy is to adapt to the times; the ACT’s strategy is to maintain the status quo. Both argue how students benefit from the paths they are each paving.
Aug 09
AP Self-study: Is it for you?
In this post, we will cover the self-study fundamentals for the Advanced Placement examinations: what self-study means, why people self-study, whether you should self-study, and the five key tips for any self-studier