Aug 23

Top 8 Global Math & Science Contests for International Students

by Trent Baumbach

10 Benefits of Doing Hands-On Science for Students

Top 8 Global Math & Science Contests for International Students


Math and science competitions offer young learners the chance to engage in exciting academic challenges that cultivate their problem-solving skills and nurture their sense of curiosity. Elementary school and middle school students already excelling in school will find these competitions to be a unique opportunity to push themselves. On the other hand, students less energized by their day-to-day class activities will find math and science competitions to be an engaging way to apply what they have learned in school to real-life problems.

Here’s a breakdown of 4 online math contests and 4 online science contests that are accessible to students worldwide, including international students.

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4 Best Math Competitions for International School Students

     1. Math Kangaroo

An international favorite, Math Kangaroo presents creative math problems to students from various age groups. With its online format, it’s a fantastic opportunity for young mathematicians around the world to showcase their logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

     2. World Mathematics Championships (WMC)

The WMC offers an engaging online platform for students to participate individually or as part of a team. This competition promotes critical thinking and problem-solving while fostering friendly competition among students from different countries.

     3. Gauss Mathematics Contest

The Gauss Mathematics Contest encourages students to solve challenging math problems while enhancing their logical reasoning skills. The online accessibility of the contest means that students globally can participate and benefit from the experience.

     4. Mathletics World Championships

The Mathletics platform hosts an annual World Championships event online. Students from around the world engage in real-time math challenges, fostering a love for math and friendly competition in a digital environment.

4 Best Science Competitions for International School Students

    1. International Science Olympiad (ISO)

The ISO covers a range of scientific disciplines and provides an excellent opportunity for students to delve into complex scientific concepts. With participants from various countries, this online competition promotes cross-cultural learning and collaboration.

     2. Breakthrough Junior Challenge

The Breakthrough Junior Challenge encourages students to create engaging videos that explain intricate scientific concepts. Combining science, creativity, and communication skills, this online competition inspires young minds to explore and communicate their passion for learning. 

     3. 3M Young Scientist Challenge

This 3M Scientist competition is a fun science contest that tasks students grades 5-8 with submitting a 1-2 minute video describing a solution to a real-world challenge relevant to them. The Grand Prize winner receives $25,000, while 10 finalists receive $1,000 and a summer mentorship opportunity with a 3M scientist.


In the eCYBERMISSION virtual STEM competition, students grades 6-9 work in teams and use the standard scientific method including hypothesis, research, and experimentation to solve a community problem. Winners receive monetary compensation in the form of a US Savings Bond.

Why should students participate in science and math competitions?

Participating in science and math competitions holds a multitude of benefits for elementary and middle school students, as discussed in our blog “10 Benefits of Doing Hands-On Science for Students.” These competitions offer a dynamic way to enrich their learning experiences, fostering growth and skills that extend far beyond the classroom. Here’s why students should consider taking part:

    1. Nurturing Curiosity

Science and math competitions present intriguing problems and challenges that ignite curiosity. By exploring these captivating questions, students satisfy their thirst for knowledge and develop a genuine interest in these subjects.

     2. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Engaging in competition requires students to think critically and solve problems creatively. They learn to approach challenges from different angles, fostering a robust problem-solving mindset that’s applicable in various real-life situations.

    3. Building Confidence

Participating in competitions gives students a platform to showcase their skills and accomplishments. Success in these contests boosts their self-confidence and reinforces their belief in their abilities.

     4. Strengthening Communication Skills

Competitions encourage students to go beyond problem solving alone as they also focus on communicating their ideas effectively. This nurtures their ability to convey complex concepts to a broader audience, a skill vital for future success.

    5. Preparing for Future Challenges

The skills developed through participation in competitions lay a strong foundation for future academic and professional challenges. These experiences help students become adaptable, confident, and agile learners.

What should students interested in math and science competitions do next?

As mentioned in our blog on science communication and education, a strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education has become essential for students. Competitions (including those listed above) are a great opportunity for students hoping to get ahead.

As students gear up for these exhilarating competitions, the support of a private tutor can make a significant difference. Tutors offer a tailored approach that caters to each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses. They can identify areas that require extra attention and offer supplementary resources to deepen their understanding of relevant topics. Whether it’s practicing math problems, perfecting scientific explanations, or fine-tuning presentation skills, a tutor can be an invaluable partner in the journey toward success.