Sep 06

Top 5 Tips for Getting Into Tokyo International Schools

by Trent Baumbach

Top 5 Tips for Getting Into Tokyo International Schools


Navigating the admissions process of Tokyo international schools can be a challenging endeavor for both parents and students alike. The competition is tough, and schools consider a variety of factors before granting admission. Whether you’re an expat or a local resident aiming for a quality international school education, it’s essential to be aware of these factors.

In this blog post, we will discuss 5 factors affecting international school admissions, and tips for how to stand out.

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5 Factors Affecting Tokyo International School Admissions

1. Cultural Diversity

One of the key elements that Tokyo International Schools highly value is cultural diversity. Schools look for students who can bring unique perspectives to the classroom environment. If your family hails from a unique cultural background, don’t hesitate to emphasize that in your application.

Actionable Tips

  • Include essays or portfolio pieces (if requested) that highlight your own cultural heritage.
  • Participate in cultural activities and mention these experiences in your application.

2. Language Skills

Another important factor often considered is language diversity and skills. Being multilingual can make a student stand out, especially in the diverse environment of these schools, where international interaction is the norm. Note that while being a native English speaker is not required, a student’s ability to learn completely in English will be essential.

Actionable Tips

  • If your child is multilingual, try to highlight this skill in the application.
  • Participate in language competitions like speech contests to show your interest in language learning.

3. Learning Diversity

Tokyo International Schools aren’t just looking for straight-A students; they value those with a diverse learning background and unique life experiences. International schools appreciate students who excel in various fields—be it sports, arts, or academics.

Actionable Tips

  • If applicable, compile a portfolio that showcases your breadth of skills and accomplishments.
  • When required by admissions, secure recommendation letters from mentors in different fields, like arts, sports, and academics.

4. English Proficient Parent(s)

It might surprise some, but the English language proficiency of parents can often impact admissions to Tokyo international schools. Schools may consider parents with English language skills to be better equipped to support their children’s educational journey, and to communicate with teachers and staff.

Actionable Tips

  • If applicable, parents can include language certifications or experiences that demonstrate proficiency in English.
  • Attend school interviews well-prepared to converse in English.

5. Gender Diversity and Space Availability

Most international schools aim for a balanced gender ratio and have limited space overall. Applying early and being flexible with admission dates can provide an edge.

Actionable Tips

  • Research the gender ratio at the schools you’re interested in and consider how your child might contribute to that balance.
  • If possible, apply for admission during non-peak times when there might be more availability.


What should students aiming for international schools do next?

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