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Yibo graduated from the University of Toronto with a BBA in Finance, and then got an MSc in Economics & Corporate Finance at École Polytechnique in France.


In secondary school, he taught math and calculus 1-on-1 to peers, helping them earn better grades and test scores. In France, he designed an English-language curriculum for Francophone students and taught them on a 1-on-2 basis By the end of the course, his students were able to give presentations in English.


In Dec 2020, Yibo achieved a 99th percentile score on the GMAT. He then became a GMAT tutor online, helping working professionals raise their GMAT scores. Using his self-developed curriculum, he helped one student raise his GMAT score from the 10th to 60th percentile in 8 weeks and helped another raise his GMAT score from 15th to 65th percentile in 5 weeks.


Yibo was born in Japan to Chinese parents. He immigrated to Canada at the age of 4 and spent most of his life there. Thanks to his multicultural upbringing, Yibo has an in-depth understanding of how third-culture kids interact with the world. In Yibo’s spare time, he plays tennis and continues to improve his Japanese language skills.

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