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Ryan obtained a Bachelor of Science in Theoretical Physics, as well as a Master’s of Science in Theoretical Physics, specializing in General Relativity, both from the University of Guelph in Canada. After this, he decided to become a teacher and obtained his Bachelor of Education, specializing in mathematics and physics at the intermediate and senior levels, from the University of Toronto.

After receiving his education degree, Ryan moved to England where he taught GCSE physics for three years. He then moved to Taiwan, where he taught at several schools, teaching mathematics in courses such as Algebra 2, Precalculus, and Calculus, as well as physics in courses such as Conceptual Physics, and IB DP Physics HL. After teaching in Taiwan for 4 years, he moved to Japan where he taught for a further 4 years using the IB curriculum. In Japan, Ryan taught IB DP Physics SL and HL, IB DP Mathematics Analysis and Approaches SL, as well as MYP Science.

Outside of teaching, Ryan enjoys playing board games with his friends and designing things to print using his 3D printer, or to cut with his laser engraver. Ryan also loves learning and has recently taught himself how to code in Python and took a course in Data Science last year.

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