University of Oxford
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Maggie, based in Tokyo, works for TA as a counselor and tutor. She holds a BA in French and Russian from the University of Oxford, where she found the time to write for The Oxford Student and practice several martial arts in between reading authors from Dostoevsky to Aimé Césaire in their original language. Her year abroad in provincial Russia sparked a fierce love of travel which has taken her around the globe; she is particularly fond of Central Asia. A dedicated global citizen, she is the co-founder of an online magazine for rural LGBT+ youth in the UK, a translator for an African educational website, Right For Education, and a distance volunteer assisting refugees in her hometown to access higher education. Since moving to Tokyo, she has thrown herself into her Japanese studies while exploring the city’s diverse art galleries in her free time. Although relatively new to TA, her students have already had several admissions successes at universities such as Sophia, ICU, and Queen Mary’s.

Curriculum Expertise

Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Essay Counseling

Subject Expertise

English, Language – French