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Daniel received his BA in Linguistics from Yale University, where after spending his initial years pursuing math and physics, he switched focus to languages following a study abroad in Tokyo. After writing his thesis on Japanese theoretical syntax, he furthered his Japanese studies at the Inter-University Center in Yokohama culminating in him passing the N1 Japanese Language Proficiency Exam.

Daniel has been teaching since his first year of high school, becoming a highly sought math tutor. He has gone on to teach a wide range of subjects at high school, university, and professional levels. His academic background in both math and linguistics allows him to teach multiple subjects with confidence and passion. He has a decade of experience tutoring all levels of math through multivariable calculus, as well as literature, writing, and test preparation. Most recently he taught English to Japanese elementary school students, utilizing his linguistic expertise to provide a unique approach to language pedagogy.

Daniel strives to instill in his students a curiosity and passion for learning, while at the same time guiding them to utilize what they learn to achieve their goals. He takes pride in providing his students with a deep understanding of not merely facts and formulae, but of underlying concepts and the various means of expressing them. Having taught a diverse array of students, he knows how to tailor his approach to each student’s individual needs and maximize their success.

Outside of teaching, Daniel enjoys playing classical piano, bouldering, and winning Super Smash Bros. tournaments. He also loves literature and cinema, with a firm belief in the power of stories to enrich our lives.

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English, Mathematics, & Science

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