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Group Class Policy


A. FREE Class Audit

Each academic year, students at TA are welcome to attend  1 FREE class to experience the format and pacing. Parents  will only be billed for this audit class if and when they  decide to register for the whole course.  

B. FREE Level Check 

For parents and students who are unsure about the  correct course of study, we recommend taking mock tests  or a diagnostic meeting to find the class that best suits  their needs. Please email us at to set up an appointment. 

C. Custom Request Classes 

Parents and students are welcome to request a class on  any subject either in-person or online! These classes  would require a minimum of 3 students to go ahead.  Please contact us for a custom request.

D. Automatic Enrollment (Weekly Group Classes) For your convenience, we automatically register students  taking weekly classes for future terms (Fall to Winter, and  Winter to Spring), except for SAT and SSAT courses. To cancel your registration, please email us at at least 72 hours before  the class start date. 

E. Class Cancellation 

Weekly Group Classes● If we are notified at least 24 hours prior to a student  missing a class, there will be no charge. 
● When a student cancels less than 24 hours before  class, they will be charged as usual. 
● Students who fail to notify TA of any absence  beforehand will be charged for the missed class. 
Intensive Group Classes● Cancellation of registration must be made at least 1 week before the course starts

F. Repeated Classes (Weekly Group Class) 

Each week, we run multiple classes with the same title  that cover the same content. To avoid covering the same  lesson content multiple times, please sign up for only one  of these classes each week. 

G. Class Billing 

Weekly Group Classes● Weekly classes are billed at the end of the month.
● Students are billed only for the classes they have registered for and attended (with the exception of cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance).
● Audit classes will be free of charge unless the student decides to join the course, in which case they will be charged.
Intensive Group Classes● All intensive group classes are billed for all instruction  hours regardless of student’s attendance.  
● Intensive classes are billed at the end of the month. 

H. Class Location 

All of our regular group classes (with the exception of  our custom request group classes, if requested online) will be held in person, at our Nishiazabu Learning Center. 

I. Entry Assessments 

Students will be required to complete entry assessments  for ES and MS Reading, Writing and Math classes, as  well as for test-prep courses, prior to their first class. 

J. Minimum Number of Students per Class: 

● We need at least 3 students to continue offering a  group class. Any group class with fewer than 3  

students will be discontinued after three sessions. 

● Private lessons or custom lessons are recommended  for classes with fewer than 3 students. 

Registration Policy: 

1. Students can join classes after the start date (EXCEPT for SAT  classes).  

2. To join or audit a class, students MUST register.  

3. Registration must be done within a minimum of 1 week before  the course starts to have enough lead time to complete the  assessments, if applicable. 

For questions, please feel free to email us: 

● For classes – 

● For general inquiry – 

● For concerns on invoice and payment process –