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Best International Schools in Tokyo, Japan

There are roughly 50 foreign schools in Tokyo, with IB schools being the most popular, followed by British and American schools with a nearly equal mix. The annual cost of tuition might be as low as $7,000 or as much as $28,000 for more prestigious institutions.


Learning in Japan

With a focus on more than merely passing tests, the education system in Japan is regarded as one of the greatest in the world. Children are taught morality and ethics as a matter of course. However, students frequently experience extreme pressure to perform, which contributes to one of the highest rates of teenage suicide in the world. This can be sufficient justification for you to desire to enroll your kids in a different kind of educational system that you are perhaps more used to.

Unless you have long-term plans to stay in Tokyo, language will be a hurdle for the majority of expats to enroll in the Japanese educational system. International schools give students the chance to learn in English and quickly transfer to new locations while maintaining the same educational program. Tokyo has a wide variety of choices and costs.

Best International Schools in Tokyo, Japan

About Tokyo

Without a question, Tokyo is among the world’s most significant cities. The greater Tokyo area is home to almost 13 million people, so be ready to deal with limited space. Due to this, real estate in Tokyo is expensive, especially if you want to live close to the city center. However, public transportation in Tokyo is excellent (even if it gets a little busy during rush hours), so if you need more room, living farther out is still an option.

Tokyo is also among the safest cities in the world, with crime rates that are remarkably low given the size of the city. BBC has a wonderful article that covers many of the most crucial details for expats if you’d like a more thorough review of Tokyo.


Rankings of the Top International Schools in Tokyo

Note that parent, student, and instructor evaluations form the basis of those rankings. It is important to hear from real individuals with actual school experiences so that parents, instructors, and students can get the real story when they are looking for their next school.

Tokyo Bay International School

The main focus of Tokyo Bay International School (TBIS) is to help pupils develop creative thinking skills and prepare them for success in a very difficult environment. By molding the young minds to be more accepting, informed, and understanding toward each other’s race and cultures’ etiquette and manners, the fusion of various cultures and backgrounds will make the school and its students really global.

Their mission is also to teach skills like leadership, self-confidence; compassion and warmth for fellow beings which would help the kids become good lifelong learners and healthy global citizens of the future.

Daizawa International School

The students at Daizawa International School (DIS) are all extraordinary and skilled. Each child can shine in their own way to realize their potential and grow their confidence for future success by respecting and fostering each one’s individuality, strengths, and interests. The school’s mission is to educate children who are engaged in the global community and who are conscious of the global community. A person who can be trusted and made friends wherever in the globe is a truly global citizen.

Being bilingual or even trilingual sounds simple for kids, but communication involves much more than just speaking a language. Children can learn these skills in a top-notch early childhood environment. who possesses compassion, bravery, respect, and cultural sensitivity. The goal at DIS is to help kids develop self-worth and happiness so they can succeed no matter where they are. A variety of activities in a home environment is provided where each kid’s personality can flourish.

The American School in Japan

The American School in Japan (ASIJ) is an independent, co-educational day school that accepts students from all nationalities. It offers an American-style college preparation education for the children of international families. Founded in 1902, ASIJ provides children of international families, including those on temporary assignment, as well as families that make Tokyo their permanent home, with an American-style college preparatory education. A standards-based curriculum leading to an American high school diploma is available at the institution. In order for a student to succeed in their future academic endeavors, including Advanced Placement classes and other advanced topic courses, they must go through ASIJ’s program.

In addition to its academic program, ASIJ encourages students to participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities, such as organizations focused on the arts, sports, and community service, all of which help to develop the full child. ASIJ further capitalizes on its singular location in Japan by including language and cultural studies that honor its host nation. ASIJ is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools and is recognized by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) (NAIS).

KAIS International School

One of the most cutting-edge and academically renowned international schools in Japan is KAIS International School. They have been servicing the foreign community since 2006, and they are conveniently located in the heart of Tokyo. At KAIS, students study in small groups in a sociable setting where they grow socially connected while discovering their unique selves. Everything done is intended to foster this belief that self-awareness, curiosity, and empathy are essential to the development of the adults who will influence the future.

Smaller class numbers provide students more chances to work on practical projects, receive individualized instruction from teachers, present their work to their peers, and take part in debates. The committed team of educators is committed to giving students the best high school experience possible, both inside and outside the classroom.

They provide a curriculum to the diverse student body from a global viewpoint, even though the majority of their students go on to study at premier colleges in the United States.

Phoenix House International School

Phoenix House International School inaugurated in Tokyo in August 2021 with great joy. Within Japan’s vibrant international culture, Phoenix House International School provides a creative and innovative education in the tradition of British independent schools. The house system and curriculum equip students with the foundational knowledge and self-assurance they need to successfully navigate life and make a positive contribution to society. The Phoenix is a mythical bird that is both beautiful and distinct from other birds of its sort in both the East and the West. It has allegedly survived in the desert for 500 or 600 years, rising up and down to improve and strengthen itself.

The school looks for these characteristics in each and every student in our care. Their main goal is to produce young people who can work together, pose and respond to probing questions, exercise critical thought, do research, and present information using a theme approach that organically integrates and fosters inquiry skills. Phoenix House aims to provide students with both academic brilliance and opportunities for personal development, guiding them as they develop into morally upright adults.

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Gregg International School

A division of Gregg School, Gregg International School (GiS), was established in 1986. The fact that Gregg graduates are now returning to GiS as parents of some of their students is amazing. At GiS, students are not compared. Each kid is valued and respected for being who they are as an individual. Students are required to give it their all. GiS is where they flourish since they feel loved and appreciated.

One of the few English language schools of its kind at the time, the original Gregg school was established in Tokyo in 1964. The little Yoyogi location was quickly too small for the English school because it was so well-liked by the business community. The school then relocated to a bigger location in Jiyugaoka to accommodate the expanding student population. Gregg has been established in Jiyugaoka on the current property ever since it was purchased in 1972.

KAIS Elementary & Middle School

These schools have accepted children and families from more than 20 nations since the KAIS Elementary & Middle School opened its doors in 2014. They are committed to giving your child a special educational experience that encourages their innate propensities for inquiry, self-discovery, personal greatness, and joy. Every student at KAIS Elementary & Middle School is treated as an individual who benefits from the individualized attention they need to succeed.

Their strategy is straightforward: in the classroom, they use a variety of pedagogical techniques to combine established objectives with progressive methods in an effort to find the ideal balance between the conventional and the novel, the old and the new.

Camelot International School

Camelot International School’s transformative learning opportunities are created to support students’ development both inside and outside of the classroom. Itabashi-ku is the home to Camelot International School, which opened its doors in 2014. Their mission is to help our kids have an effect on the world. They have more than 75 students and 17 devoted, motivated teachers and staff.

They appreciate our pupils at Camelot International School and are aware of their unique interests and needs. They will do everything they can to uphold these ideals because they believe that learning can only be developed through a sense of mutual respect, direction, and guidance. Their innovative method offers our students the right kind of support, putting them on the right track to success.

MEES International School

The emphasis on freedom, creativity, problem-solving, and confidence-building sets MEES International School apart from Japanese educational institutions. MEES wants the kids to look forward to coming to a welcoming space. They believe that by fostering a love of learning, your kid will remain inquisitive and prepared to take on new challenges.

At MEES they give children responsibility in little steps because they think students learn more quickly when they choose an activity on their own since it comes from their own initiative.

A young child’s existence includes acquiring social skills through peer interaction. At MEES, they believe that each child is unique. So, they discourage kids from competing with one another. They like to instill in the kids a respect for one another’s differences and an appreciation for good work. This is how they instill confidence in a young child at a young age. A self-assured child will succeed in what they are good at and perform better in more difficult tasks.

MEES thinks that a young child should enjoy going to school, free from peer competition, pressure to succeed, or fear of failure. Test results are not nearly as crucial as confidence and the capacity to confront challenging circumstances.

When a child is motivated to learn out of curiosity rather than being forced to, learning is much more successful. A young youngster is always exploring their options rather than making mistakes.

The Montessori School of Tokyo

The Montessori School of Tokyo (MST), a reputable and globally-minded Montessori institution offering a lively vision of education for your child, is located in the center of Tokyo. MST has an international faculty and team that is varied and well qualified. MST was the first Montessori school in Asia to get accreditation.Their facility, which is home to our community of learners, includes roomy classrooms, a lovely garden, and several other modern amenities.

Learning is acknowledged at MST as a natural, ongoing process that is personal to each individual. Each person learns differently and at their own pace; it doesn’t follow anyone else’s predetermined timeline or schedule. Learning is viewed at MST as a process of personal growth and self-­construction that results in the greatest realization of human potential. A successful MST student will identify their interests and role in the world while growing to love and appreciate peace and humanity.

It is the child who makes the man, and no man exists who was not made by the child he once was, as said by Maria Montessori herself.

Saint Maur International School

Saint Maur International School has operated as a community of learners where moral principles guide all that they do to support students, parents, and staff in realizing their full potential since 1872. Students get unmatched care in a secure, encouraging, and diverse learning environment because the school supports every member of their school community. Future planning is among the most priceless advantages of a Saint Maur education.

A balanced, high-quality academic and extracurricular curriculum is offered to students, and this has so far led to a 100% matriculation rate into four-year institutions and colleges.

Seisen International School

Seisen International School is committed to Love in Action and is passionate about international education.

They consider that international education fosters the development of thoughtful, compassionate young people who can contribute to the improvement of a peaceful and prosperous world. Their professors are passionate about working with children and their respective fields of study. The school firmly believes that every student has a special potential that they may realize with our support and attention.

Seisen provides a curriculum that “readies students for tomorrow’s world.” They place a strong emphasis on very high academic standards as well as social, physical, artistic, cultural, and spiritual growth in our K–12 preschool, elementary, and high school programs.

Columbia International School

In small courses, each student at Columbia International School (CIS) actively participates in their learning process, providing motivated students with a safe and healthy learning environment. Teachers who are dynamic and highly qualified help and challenge pupils to grasp the changing world around them in classrooms that are resource and technology rich. Their teachers adhere to the healthy whole-child philosophy, understanding that each child’s social and emotional growth is just as important to their academic success.

Additionally, Columbia International School gives pupils the chance to participate in extracurricular activities, community events, social and cultural events, and other facets of school life. Through these experiences, students will be able to grow as leaders within our school and the larger school community as well as responsible citizens of the world. The Ontario curriculum, one of the most cutting-edge and well-respected educational systems in the world, is used by Columbia International School to help students learn about the world they live in. Their continual growth as a learning community is ensured by our school’s effectiveness and improvement frameworks, frequent Canadian and WASC certification processes, and the outstanding support of our parent organization.

Through the professional learning circles at Columbia International School, all teachers are participating in lifelong learning. Both teachers and students have access to the most recent material and teaching techniques thanks to the wifi one-to-one laptop environment. The school wants to foster a learning environment that is enjoyable, stimulating and encouraging for lifelong learning so that our students can appreciate other people’s cultures and points of view, develop strong communication skills, master the English language fluently, and acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to be successful global citizens in the twenty-first century.

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St. Mary’s International School

In 1954, St. Mary’s International School was established. In 1971, it relocated to the Setagaya ward, where it is now. Each student’s intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development is fostered at St. Mary’s. Their rigorous selection of core courses and extracurricular activities is intended to help every student succeed and prosper. They offer a supportive and secure learning atmosphere where a sense of camaraderie, friendliness, and respect for one another contributes to maximizing individual accomplishment.

From kindergarten through grade 12, St. Mary’s offers its services. The school provides the International Baccalaureate curriculum, a challenging pre-university course of study that is internationally recognized and intended to give students the competitive edge they need for both their university studies and future employment. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Council of International Schools are two organizations that establish criteria and guidelines for school improvement, and St. Mary’s is fully accredited by both of them (CIS).

Global Indian International School Japan

Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Tokyo is dedicated to nurturing lifelong learners and giving their students a balanced, comprehensive education in order to further our aim of becoming a global role model for teaching and learning.

With the only exception of individuals applying for admission to the CBSE & IB Diploma Programme 11 and 12, new students may matriculate at any time during the academic year. This is usually the busiest time for the schools because the academic year begins in April. The school advises that you plan and complete your application materials in advance of this time to avoid the rush, as the Admissions Team starts considering applications for new admissions in January of each year.

At Global Indian International School Tokyo, they are proud of their diversity and encourage kids from all countries to apply. Every journey in life begins with a single step, so the school invites you to take yours by making an appointment with one of our admissions counselors. During a campus tour and discussion about the school’s programs and extracurricular activities, you will also learn more about the school.

Christian Academy in Japan

The K–12 Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ) was founded in 1950 to give evangelical missionaries’ children a Christ–centered education. While pursuing this goal, CAJ also helps other families who want to provide their kids with this kind of education. In their school program, they serve about 450 students, and in their School Support Services program, they serve more than 300 students.

English is the language of instruction in the program, and a North American curriculum is used. Missionary dependents make up 40% of the student body at the school, while business and professional dependents make up 60%. Many of their students have dual citizenship and hail from more than 25 different countries.

Tokyo YMCA International School

Tokyo YMCA International School (TYIS) takes pride in being a diverse and inclusive educational institution. They are renowned for providing high-quality instruction, paying close attention to the needs of each individual student, and creating a warm, open-door family environment. The YMCA’s fundamental principles of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility serve as the foundation of the culture of TYIS. They assist their pupils in growing a sense of self-confidence and cultural acceptance.

At TYIS, they are aware that student experiences go beyond exam results and transcripts. Students appreciate the little things in life they come across on a regular basis. TYIS is made comfortable and secure by the details that are carried across events like friendships, camps, library trips, service learning projects, science fair, after-school clubs, and all other valuable moments. TYIS is thrilled to give back to the community and give kids chances to better their life.

Canadian International School Tokyo

By two of its current directors, Canadian International School Tokyo (CIS) was established in 1999. To implement that province’s curriculum at Canadian International School Tokyo, contact was made with Prince Edward Island’s Department of Education (CIS). The Prince Edward Island Department of Education inspects CIS on-site every year as part of the accreditation process. CIS is a recognized pre-kindergarten to grade 12 institution in Canada. 2009 saw the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) get final approval by the CIS.

The Japanese Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Education has recognized CIS in Japan, allowing graduates from CIS high schools to apply to study at Japanese universities. CIS is a part of both the Tokyo Association of International Preschools and the Japan Council of International Schools.

Aoba-Japan International School

The experience at Aoba-Japan International School is shaped by a sense of community. The school is committed to creating students who are open-minded, caring, and collaborative and who are motivated to learn, take risks, and create change in the world. By offering pupils a demanding international education in a secure and encouraging environment, the school keeps being a top international school. Aoba will make sure that learners’ needs are met, that their perspectives are sought after and respected, and that their special abilities are appreciated and fostered.

Each student will be given access to the necessary tools and opportunities through a continued focus on educational innovation and excellence. This will allow them to secure the best possible future for themselves. The school thinks that students should realize their full potential as global citizens who are committed to learning and motivated to thrive in a constantly shifting environment.

Tokyo International School

Effective, research-based teaching strategies and internationally recognized curricular standards guide learning at Tokyo International School (TIS). They encourage student learning by purposefully challenging each individual child in a progressive manner. Understanding, independence, and intercultural competency are fostered through the depth of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs and their emphasis on inquiry-based teaching strategies. The IB program at TIS is unique.

All levels of the school’s organization are profoundly entrenched in their dedication to the IB and their knowledge of its pedagogy. Members of their teaching staff, leadership team, and school board have either worked in the IB’s global office or have been seconded by the organization as teacher trainers.

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