University of California, Berkeley
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Wesley graduated from UC Berkeley in 2008 with a degree in Integrative Biology. She got her start in serious science education during her high school years, when she began helping her father, a metallurgical engineer, with training classes for technicians and education for management personnel in radiation safety and the nondestructive testing methods used to verify the structural integrity of nuclear reactor pressure vessels during plant outages. Since graduating college, she has accumulated over nine years of experience in teaching and curriculum development, in both the US and Japan, for both high school coursework as well as standardized test prep. The most recent standardized test she officially sat for was the LSAT, on which she scored 178.


During her time at UC Berkeley, Wesley served as a research assistant and electron microscopist for the Poly-PEDAL Lab, researching the effect of seta structure on gecko clinging ability. She and a partner also designed and carried out an independent research project investigating the effect of smoke on photosynthesis in Arabidopsis. Outside of class and research, she pursued her love for animals and interest in plant-based culinary traditions by working her way through college as a veterinary technician at a small-animal hospital, and as a head chef for the Berkeley Student Cooperative.


Wesley moved to Fukushima in 2012 to help support the area’s recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. She put her veterinary experience to use volunteering with Japan Cat Network Fukushima, an animal shelter supporting pets displaced by the nuclear disaster. Though she moved away from Fukushima in 2016, she continues to visit the area about once a month to participate in ongoing recovery work with the Minamisoma Volunteer Katsudo Center. In addition to tutoring, Wesley also serves as Research Division Manager here at Tokyo Academics.


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