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Tyler completed his Bachelor’s in English from Carleton College before returning home to attend law school at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. As he completed his Juris Doctor degree, Tyler worked part-time as a tutor and debate instructor at a small tutorial center in Hong Kong.

It was here that he realized he much preferred serving students instead of lawsuits. Upon completing his degree, he began working full time for a tutoring center for eight years, helping grow it from a one classroom office to an international business with over a thousand students across schools in 3 countries.

Eager to expand his skill set to better serve his students, Tyler was accepted to the Columbia University Teachers College where he completed a Masters in Education, focusing his studies on the impact of individualized learning and mindset training.

His Ivy League experience gave him additional tools and knowledge to better prepare his students for high school and college success, but more importantly, qualified him to finally deserve the hand of his college sweetheart (and much better half) in marriage.

That union is what has brought Tyler to Japan, where he now works as TA’s Director of College Counseling, providing guidance, strategy, and mentorship to students in an increasingly complex and competitive college application environment.

Tyler balances his late hours at the office working with students by exploring the delicious chemistry of cooking (he is currently trying to perfect his risotto), relieving stress with hip hop boxing, and taking time to travel and explore the world with his wife.

Curriculum Expertise

AP/IB, ACT/SAT, College Counseling, Essay Counseling

Subject Expertise

Science, Humanities

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