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After graduating with a degree in English from Carleton College, Tyler completed his Juris Doctorate degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It was at this time that he began working with a tutoring and admissions consulting center in Hong Kong. Over the next eight years, Tyler helped to build and grow the organization’s Primary School, Competitive Debate, and Admissions Consulting programs. These efforts helped the company expand to 5 centers across three cities, including Beijing and Shanghai. Tyler then completed his Master’s Degree in Education at the Teachers College of Columbia University, before transitioning to Japan. He has been with Tokyo Academics since 2016, serving as a senior admissions consultant and a critical educational resource for families in Japan. He is also the host of The Accepted Podcast, a college admissions podcast that provides insight and advice on how to navigate the college admissions process.

Over the past 15 years, Tyler has obtained a wealth of experience that he continues to leverage towards ensuring that his students reach or exceed their potential. Whether it be helping a freshman build the intensive 4-year plan necessary to eventually get that student into MIT, challenging and motivating a student to grow their entrepreneurial ideas into a financially viable, socially beneficial start-up, or working closely with a family to prepare for and manage the financial burden of university tuition, Tyler takes a deeply personal, customized approach to each student that he tutors, advises, and mentors.

In a world of college applications that has become increasingly competitive and complex, Tyler also has invested his time in developing the network of knowledge necessary to stay on top of the trends, institutional priorities, and academic policies that can make the difference between acceptance and rejection. From current admissions officers to industry experts to a growing list of Tokyo Academics alumni, Tyler is always looking to build new relationships and identify new resources that can provide his students with the additional edge or insight they need to achieve their goals.

Tyler’s students have been accepted to every Ivy League school, Stanford, MIT, OxBridge, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, Northwestern, NYU, Duke, Amherst, Williams, every University of California school, Georgia Tech, Juilliard, RISD, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Keio PEARL, Waseda SILS, and many, many more.

Curriculum Expertise

AP/IB, ACT/SAT, College Counseling, Essay Counseling

Subject Expertise

Science, Humanities

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