Berk BS, BA

New York University
(Online, In-person)


New York University, BS in Business and Finance and BA in Economics

Economic Theory, Game Theory, Futures and Options, Debt Instruments, and Markets

Berk graduated from NYU with a double major in Economics, Business, and Finance. He received the NYU Grant and Scholarship for Academic Achievement (4 consecutive years). For his graduation thesis, he presented a paper on the relationship between the Environmental Kuznets Curve and the tourism industry. After graduating, Berk gained finance work experience ranging from Shanghainese start-ups to interning at the Ministry of Energy and Economics in Cyprus, to mergers and acquisitions at Microsoft. His mentorship experience includes serving in various peer mentor roles in Intermediate Microeconomics, Futures and Options, Debt Instruments, and Markets.

Outside of work, Berk is his friends’ favorite chef, a whiny hiker, and a happy camper. Berk recently began learning Japanese as a fifth language alongside English, Turkish, Chinese, and German.