Max BSc, MPhil, PhD

University of Cambridge


University of Cambridge, PhD Engineering (expected 2023)
University of Cambridge, M.Phil Advanced Computer Science
University of St Andrews, BSc Computer Science

Systems Engineering, Intelligent Systems Design and implementation, Attention-aware Systems, Adaptive User Interfaces, Sensing and sensor networks, HCI

Max has a BSc in Computer Science from the University of St Andrews and an MPhil in Advanced Computer Science from the University of Cambridge. During his undergraduate, he made the dean list several times. In August 2022, he submitted his PhD in Engineering at the University of Cambridge. His specialisation is in the design and implementation of complex attention-aware systems in multi-display safety-critical environments. Aside from his academic research experience. He has done three consulting contracts with the UK government in the area of defence. Following the success of his first contract, in 2017 he opened a consulting company which is still active to this day. The projects he was involved in ranged from VR interfaces to threat detection simulation systems.

Outside of tutoring, he enjoys travelling and water sports. In particular, he enjoys scuba diving. He is AOW PADI certified.


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