Harvard Graduate School of Education


Mary joined Tokyo Academics as our Director of Operations for the College Counselling team, holding a Masters of Education from Harvard University, a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University, and a Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley.

Mary is very interested in what it means to be a student in our global, interconnected world. At Harvard, she studied international education policy, considering various school systems around the world and what it means to be competitive and successful in this market, including building 21st-century skills and global citizenship.

Before joining Tokyo Academics, she spent the past 12 years working throughout Asia in international education and humanitarian affairs in senior management positions. She led emergency response and humanitarian work on adolescent and youth programming for international NGOs in conflict-affected areas (managing three field offices of 150+ people) and has coordination experience with UN agencies.

In her international education and mentor background, she worked in various countries in Asia (Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand) on pre-collegiate programs and has worked with Korean and Japanese students in Hawaii, where her family lives.

In her undergraduate years at Berkeley, Mary was a media studies major and interned for various music management companies in Los Angeles.

On a personal level, Mary loves listening to others and offering guidance and support for her friends and family. Among her hobbies, Mary travels between Asia and the US quite frequently, practices yoga, listens to a wide range of music and generally likes to be a fun-loving optimist.