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University of Cambridge


Lorcan attended Trinity College at the University of Cambridge and earned his BA, MA, and MEng with Honours in Engineering. A straight-A* student all through his GCSEs and A-Levels at Eton College, and earning perfect scores on his SATs during his final year, Lorcan has always held a passion for knowledge & academia, and a will to strive beyond what is expected. During his time at Cambridge, he was awarded prizes in Modern Languages as well as Structural Design, in addition to special commendations from his supervisors in Aerospace, Bioengineering, and Interface & Accessibility Design. His first job after graduating was to tutor children in his local area for a year in mathematics and science, ranging from Key Stage 3 students at 11 years old up to A-Level students at 18.


Lorcan first moved to Tokyo as a photographer, working with clients such as Hermès, Vogue, and AKB48, and as a classically trained ballet dancer, eventually added modelling to his creative repertoire working with clients including New Balance and Amazon Fashion Week. He is also an experienced helicopter pilot, jointly holding the title of youngest licensed pilot in Europe, and flying for RAF tattoos and exercises. In his free time in Tokyo, Lorcan can be found playing classical piano, or building & riding track bicycles, and going camping with his bike-packing friends.



Curriculum Expertise

High School

Subject Expertise

Science, Math