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Harry is a US Air Force veteran and a graduate of Georgetown University, where he pursued a degree in International Economics. Upon graduation, Harry began his career in higher education export for the U.S. Commercial Service in Indiana. For the past 4 years, Harry has worked as college admission consultants for international high schools and independent agencies in China. Harry’s skillset comes from a career that has dealt with both sides of college application process.

While working to manage the education export portfolio for the Great Lakes region, Harry has gained insights into the admission priorities, trends, and operations for U.S. college, and strives to translate these insights into assets during the consultation process.

Having dealt with the ultra-competitive arena of international admissions in China, Harry has gained a keen understanding of the application process for U.S., U.K., Canada, and Hong Kong. In the past 4 years, Harry has helped numerous students overachieve on their international applications by maximizing the student’s unique profile and growth potential.

Harry is also a big proponent for building a particular extracurricular profile as well as an academic background based on critical thinking. Which is why Harry actively works to develop meaningful projects and research studies that are fun for the students and valuable for the admission process.

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