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Francis Zheng

UC Berkeley
(Online or In-Person)


  • AP Calculus
  • Pre-Calculus/ Algebra 1 & 2/Geometry
  • MS/ES English
  • MS/ES Math


Francis Zheng recently graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, completing a BA in both computer science and linguistics. He has teaching experience with a wide variety of students, from elementary school students to graduate school students. Coming from both a STEM and humanities background, he’s able to connect with and support students of all backgrounds and interests.

Francis has a strong interest in language acquisition and offers an attentive teaching style to help both native speakers and students growing up in a non-English speaking environment to improve their language skills methodologically. With a deep-rooted love for numbers and computer science, Francis also creates a stimulating learning environment for students to better grasp the abstract language of math.

Outside of Tokyo Academics, Francis is currently attending graduate school at the University of Tokyo, conducting research in machine learning and natural language processing. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and photography.