University of California, Berkeley


Asia was born and raised in Japan to age fifteen and attended Japanese public schools, so she is fluent in Japanese and is familiar with Japanese culture. Growing up in Japan as a foreigner, with a Chinese mother and an American father, naturally placed her in an international environment. With her multi-cultural perspective, her professional goal is to help students develop effective tools that will increase their global understanding through cross-cultural communication via English.

Asia moved to the United States, starting in California, to complete her high school, BA, and MA. She decided on UC Berkeley for her BA and the University of Hawaii at Manoa for her MA because they offered her full achievement scholarships. She pursued both of her degrees in Asian Studies with a focus on Japan, which includes sociology, cultural anthropology, literature, and history. Asia was on the dean’s honor list at Berkeley, and she received all A’s in graduate school.

Asia has years of experience in teaching English to kids, teenagers, and adults. Currently, Asia is an English Lecturer at Tsuda University and Surugadai University. She is also an experienced college and admission’s consultant. After earning her MA, she has worked as an international education consultant and an English instructor in Tokyo, helping students get accepted into international schools in Japan and boarding schools and universities abroad.

With her multi-cultural background and her academic and professional achievements, she is confident in assisting students by paving a pathway to their success!

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