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Ashley graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Ph.D. degree in East Asian Languages and Civilizations. She has a Bachelor’s degree in history from McGill University.

When applying to the University of Pennsylvania, her GRE verbal score was in the 98th percentile. She was also admitted to Harvard University, Yale University, and Columbia University. Harvard University offered her a full scholarship and living stipend for the M.A. program. She eventually chose the University of Pennsylvania because it offered her direct admission to the Ph.D. program from the undergraduate level without requiring a Master’s degree, which is extremely rare.

Her teaching expertise includes English, SAT & SSAT & ISEE & SCAT verbal, TOEFL, ESL, social studies, philosophy, history, visual arts, debate, and government & politics.

She is highly trained in methods of education and pedagogy. She has conducted studies at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and has a Certificate in College and University Teaching issued by the University of Pennsylvania Center for Teaching and Learning.

Ashley was a professor of East Asian Studies at the University of Maryland. She specialized in early twentieth century Sino-Japanese exchanges in literature and philosophy. She has conducted research in comparative literature, political science, history, sociology, and visual arts.

She is Chinese-Canadian and a native speaker of both English and Chinese. She is fluent in Japanese after studying the language since middle school. She has passed JLPT N1.

Curriculum Expertise

AP, IB, GCSE, Elementary School, Middle School, High School

Subject Expertise

English, Humanities

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