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Top 7 Majors At UCLA

Selecting a major is challenging. There are so many options available that it might be difficult to decide which one is the best for you. Furthermore,,  choosing a strong curriculum makes finding employment after graduation a snap.

One of the most respected universities in the nation, UCLA was established in 1919. The university offers many undergraduate degrees, including business, engineering, and the humanities.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the top UCLA majors. Any of the majors will provide you with a solid knowledge base and a degree that will make it simple for you to find employment after graduation.

We’ll talk about some of UCLA’s best programs and what you should know in this article. Everyone can find something at UCLA, regardless of their interests, whether they are into business, science, or the humanities.

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A Major’s Value: What Makes It So?


It’s crucial to comprehend what makes a degree beneficial before delving into a major at UCLA. The worth of a degree is influenced by a wide range of variables, such as:

  • The reputation of the institution—Big names are much more significant to potential employers. Fortunately for you, in 2018, UCLA was ranked first among public universities and 19th nationally.
  • The quantity of jobs in the field that are available—Not every major has an equal number of employment opportunities. Ideally, you should choose a major that is in great demand.
  • The average salary— Depending on the area as well as the major, this can vary greatly. However, don’t let money be the only factor in your decision-making as it is only one of the many factors that count in life.
  • Demand – How many people hold the degree? Is there fierce competition? The job market must be considered. It might not be the greatest option if there aren’t many employment opportunities for a specialized degree.
  • Skills Acquired – Some majors prepare you with vital marketable skills. Ultimately, rather than titles, skills are what land you jobs.

When looking at these factors, it’s easy to see why business and engineering degrees are so popular. They have high prestige, a lot of job opportunities, and high salaries. However, this is not to say that other majors at UCLA aren’t valuable. The humanities programs are incredibly well-rounded and teach students important skills like critical thinking and analysis.

You can succeed even without a degree that is directly correlated with your profession. Early life education is important, but it’s your skills and unique traits that separate you from other candidates.


The Top 7 Majors at UCLA


After we learned how to evaluate the worth of a degree, let’s look at some of UCLA’s top majors.

All of these meet the criteria mentioned. You’ll have no trouble locating a well-paying job once you finish.


  1. Business

For good reason, business degrees are among the most well-liked nationwide. They provide students with a solid grounding in business and management fundamentals, which greatly increases their marketability. Furthermore, business degrees are frequently connected with high earnings.

UCLA provides several possibilities if you’re thinking about pursuing a business degree. You can pursue a course in business administration to have a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to focus on a certain subject, you can select from concentrations like:

  • Accounting—You will learn how to manage a company’s finances and create financial statements from this degree.
  • Finance—You will learn how to manage a company’s finances, make investments, and comprehend financial markets with this focus.
  • Marketing—You will study how to develop and carry out marketing programs, as well as how to evaluate their efficacy, in this concentration.
  • Management—You will learn how to manage people and resources to accomplish organizational objectives through this major.

Common jobs for business graduates include: accountant, financial analyst, marketing manager, and human resources manager.


  1. Engineering

Another well-liked degree option that provides students with plenty of employment options is engineering. Engineering is a broad term that refers to a variety of disciplines that include developing and manufacturing. Because of this, engineers are among the most in-demand graduates in the nation.

There are several courses available at UCLA for the following subjects:

  • Civil and environmental engineering—This focuses on planning and constructing infrastructure like roads, bridges, and dams.
  • Computer engineering—You will learn how to create and design computer systems from this.
  • Electrical engineering—The planning and management of electrical systems, such as power grids and motors, is covered.
  • Industrial engineering—This is the process of improving production procedures to increase their effectiveness.
  • Materials science and engineering—In this, the characteristics and uses of materials such as metals, polymers, and ceramics are explored.
  • Biomolecular engineering—Engineering and biology are combined in this relatively new discipline. It focuses on developing novel biologically-based products and technology.
  • Mechanical and aerospace engineering—This is the classic branch of engineering that teaches you how to build and design machines and aircraft.


  1. Political Science and Government

Providing public goods and services and regulating business are only a few of the many functions of the government. So there is a big demand for degrees in political science.

Given that all governmental branches are constantly seeking to increase their influence, there will always be a greater need for political science professionals to deal with them.

However, the previous few months have also shown us how crucial diplomacy and international relations are.

You can study the following things at UCLA:

  • American politics— This examines the political aspects in America.Comparative politics— This examines how various political systems function.
  • International relations— This addresses issues including terrorism, war, and diplomacy.
  • Political theory— This looks at the philosophical underpinnings of political theory.
  • Public policy— This examines the ways in which governments decide on issues including healthcare, education, and the environment.


  1. Sociology

The general public has a poor understanding of the discipline of sociology. They frequently ponder what kind of work one could do with a sociology degree If you are unfamiliar with the subject, it can be difficult to comprehend the breadth of a sociologist’s expertise.

A sociology degree, however, provides you with a solid grounding in the social sciences. You gain knowledge in subjects like social theory, research techniques, and statistics. This makes sociologists flexible workers who are capable of working in a range of sectors.

You can pursue these sociology specializations at UCLA:

  • Criminology—This examines the causes of criminal behavior as well as the societal response
  • Gender studies—This examines how gender is socially constructed and it’s impact on society.
  • Industrial sociology—This investigates how business and labor are structured.
  • Medical sociology—This examines the social determinants of health and disease.
  • Race and ethnicity studies—This examines the social construction and experience of race and ethnicity.
  • Sociology of education—This study looks at how schools function as social institutions.

Market research consultants, guidance counselors, and personnel in HR departments are typical careers for sociology graduates.


  1. Computer Science

Computer science is another one of the most sought-after degrees in the nation with reason. Practically everything is possible with a computer science degree.

As a software engineer, you may create and construct computer programs. It is possible to run computer networks as a systems administrator. Websites can be made by you if you train to be a web developer. There are numerous options.

These computer science disciplines are available for study at UCLA:

  • Artificial intelligence—This looks at how artificial intelligence can be programmed to mimic human behavior. A degree in this field would significantly advance your career as it is the trend in technology right now.
  • Computer graphics—This refers to the design and rendering of digital images. For the production of movies, video games, and other visual media, this is crucial.
  • Cybersecurity—You will learn from this how to defend against internet threats such as hackers. This is another area that will experience rapid growth in the near future.
  • Data science—Data analysis encompasses all types of data. Data mining, machine learning, and big data analysis are some of its components.
  • Software engineering—You’ll learn how to create, test, and build software applications from this.
  • Web development—Students are taught to code for websites and web applications

Editor’s note: This degree is one of the most flexible ones since, if you excel at one area of coding, like cybersecurity, learning another language to enter the software development field will be simple.


  1. Economics

Economics is the study of how to effectively use limited resources in order to manufacture and create products and services.hIt is a social science that uses mathematics to understand and predict human behavior.

Because of this, it is also known as praxeology, which means “the philosophy of human action.”

You can study the following economics specialties at UCLA:

  • Economic theory— The ideologies that .
  • Econometrics—To examine economic data, this use mathematical techniques.
  • Environmental economics—This examines the impact of economic activities on the environment.
  • Finance—This includes the investigation of financial institutions and markets.
  • International economics—In this, the global economy and international relations are examined.
  • Labor economics—Using labor to create commodities and services is examined in this.
  • Macroeconomics—This analyzes an economy’s overall performance.
  • Microeconomics—This looks at how different economic agents behave.


  1. Psychology

The study of human behavior is known as psychology. It is a social science that uses scientific methods to investigate how people think and behave.

Due to the growing awareness of mental health issues, psychology has attracted a lot of attention recently.

These areas of psychology are available for study at UCLA:

  • Clinical psychology—.The study of behavioral and mental health issues is presented here.
  • Cognitive psychology—This field of study focuses on human cognition, memory, and learning.
  • Developmental psychology—This field of research examines how individuals develop over the course of their life.
  • Industrial-organizational psychology—This field of research examines how teamwork operates in businesses.
  • Personality psychology—This is the study of behavioral variations among individuals.
  • Social psychology—This is the study of interpersonal interactions.

Market research analysts, human resources (HR) managers, and guidance counselors are typical careers for psychology graduates.


At UCLA, there are lots of fantastic major options. It only remains to choose the best option from among the many available. Find the major that will enable you to pursue your interests and put you on the road to success by doing your study.

Whatever you choose to study, make sure to work hard and give it everything you have. With the perfect UCLA degree, the possibilities are endless. It goes without saying that you should select a major that aligns with your interests. For instance, a computer science degree would be a poor decision if you despise computers to the point of insanity.

Do not choose a major just because it sounds cool or because it is the norm. Make the best decision for you by keeping track of your hobbies, limitations, and strengths.

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