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Taking the TOEFL is a big step towards studying abroad. Tokyo Academics' guided TOEFL method teaches you to feel confident in your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills!

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Why Tokyo Academics?

Applying to a boarding school? Applying to college? International students are less likely to be accepted than their domestic peers. On top of that, international students, regardless of their English proficiency, are required to take some form of English examination. This gives students a great way to stand out. The TOEFL exam is another point for admissions officers to evaluate. Our methodology teaches students to excel at the TOEFL and greatly improves their chances of admission.


Identify Your Goals

Together with your tutor, we will go over your goals. Boarding school? Dream college? Based on your aims, we will decide a target test score for you to reach.


Build a Plan

Now that we know you as a student, we will build a customized plan to maximize your progress. Whether that’s an emphasis on your reading comprehension or a schedule of mock exams, you are sure to receive a plan that is perfect for you.


Execute to Achieve

Taking the TOEFL takes around 3 and a half hours to complete. Between the four sections of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, you are tested on a variety of skills in dozens of formats. To ensure your success, we will tackle each section of the exam with a unique curriculum to maximize your progress.


With an in-person tutor, we will go over commonly missed questions with homework, and provide tips for how to improve your score based on your needs.


Working side by side with your speaking/listening tutor, you will have the opportunity to practice your speaking and listening skills while getting instant feedback so you can find areas of improvement and overcome them.

By taking advantage of these two distinct learning styles, we can accelerate your progress to execute and achieve your target.

Meet Your Tutors

At TA, we bring in the best of the best from around the globe. They aren’t just ordinary tutors—they are academic experts that will guide you to victory. 

Comprehensive Lessons


Focus on maximizing your scores across the board. Our comprehensive package gives students a foundation for the Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening sections of the TOEFL. Our tutors will teach students the Tokyo Academics method to achieving top marks in all areas.

Best to:
  • Complete foundation
  • Achieve top marks in all areas
  • Rapidly increase your English proficiency

Reading & Writing Lessons

Pair up with one of our tutors for a fully customized experience. Taking advantage of the 1-on-1 setting, we will accommodate our teaching methods to ensure maximum improvement on whatever you need.


Best to:
  • Accelerate your growth
  • Have a catered experience
  • Learn at your own pace

Speaking and Listening Lessons

Don’t live near our physical locations? Need some flexibility in your schedule to keep up with clubs or sports? You can still have access to our personalized tutoring service from the comfort of your home.


Best to:
  • Learn from anywhere
  • Have a flexible schedule
  • Learn at your own pace

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