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The College Application Process is lengthy and can be stressful/overwhelming. Here is how we can help!

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Application for university admissions is a competitive, difficult process. With over 26,000 high schools in the US alone, and 26,000 valedictorians to match, you can’t rely on grades alone. With 26,000+ team captains and club presidents, you can’t just rely on exemplary extracurriculars, either.

For the class of 2022 – last year’s applicant pool – U.S. Ivy League schools only accepted on average 1834 students each. Harvard only admitted 4.6% of its applicant pool; only 12% of those accepted were international students.

On average, American schools have a 281:1 student-to-counselor ratio.
Each Ivy League school receives 33,000 applications on average each year.
An admissions officer reads over 850 applications each year.
Ivy Leagues have an average 7.06% acceptance rate.
International applicants are 10% less likely to be admitted.

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Stand out Application

Expert guidance and knowledge on how to make sure your application shines!


Colleges and majors: finding the right fit

Choosing the right path is not only difficult, but scary! Our consulting team has helped hundreds of students find the college and major that sparks their curiosity.


Application & Post-Application Guidance

Getting in is just the start! We make sure we're there for you all along your journey throughout college and helping you navigate your way to your degree.


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