Project Description

SAT Math Class

Our SAT Math course prepares students for the rigors of the SAT Math section with key concepts and problem-solving techniques in algebra, geometry, data analysis, and higher-level math. Students will engage in weekly practice, complete rigorous homework, receive rapid feedback, and be taught best practices and test shortcuts. Students are required to either submit a recent official SAT score or take a mock test at Tokyo Academics: students scoring below 500 or above 700 may benefit more from private tutoring. Students can expect to receive 3-4 hours of homework per day.

What are the benefits of this class?

  • You will learn essential strategies, contents, and shortcuts to tackle the SAT Math

  • You will take multiple full-length practice tests to hone your skills even further

  • You will meet like-minded, ambitious students who will be your classmates and friends for life


  • Understanding of Algebra 1 & Geometry concepts

  • Take mock test before class starts to determine student strength & weakness

  • Students scoring below 500 or above 700 may benefit more from private tutoring

  • TI Nspire – CAS calculator

  • Your determination


  • 20 hours of instructions

  • 3 Mock Tests

  • Strategy Guide for Math

  • 500+ practice questions