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AP Physics2019-03-20T16:55:44+09:00

Project Description

AP Physics 1

Students will cover all topics that appear on the AP test, including kinematics, forces, linear momentum, static equilibrium, rotational motion, gravitation, electrostatics, DC circuits, simple harmonic motion, waves and sound. This course will also emphasise lab design and analysis. Homework is assigned to students in need of further practice.

What are the benefits of this class?

  • You will learn essential strategies, contents, and shortcuts to tackle the AP Physics test.

  • The course follows the contours of high school teaching, preparing you for the May AP test.

  • You will take multiple full-length practice tests to hone your skills even further.

  • You will meet like-minded, ambitious students who will be your classmates and friends for life.


  • 10th Grade Chemistry and Physics.


  • Document-based multiple-choice questions.

  • Essay instruction.

  • Class-based discussion each week.