Project Description

AP Macroeconomics Class

Our summer intro AP Macroeconomics course covers the material of an introductory college-level Macroeconomics course, including economic concepts and institutions; growth, unemployment and inflation; money and banking; economic policies; and the international economy. Classes and homework will teach students to accurately and strategically answer multiple choice and free response questions on the AP Macroeconomics exam. Students can expect to receive approximately 2-3 hours of homework per day.

What are the benefits of this class?

  • You will review and preview essential concepts via definitions and dynamic diagrams.

  • You will learn AP exam answer requirements and structure.

  • You will take multiple AP style practice quizzes to hone your AP Macro exam skills.

  • You will meet like-minded, ambitious students who will be your classmates and friends for life.


  • Understanding of Algebra 1 and basic geometry


  • Weekly class meetings until the end of the semester

  • Past AP Mock Tests

  • AP practice questions/quizzes