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AP Chemistry2019-03-20T17:10:27+09:00

Project Description

AP Chemistry

The AP Chemistry course reinforces skills and knowledge needed for the May AP exam, including atomic & molecular structure, thermodynamics, stoichiometry, equilibrium, electro- and acid-base chemistry. The course works in parallel to the high school curriculum. Emphasis is placed on systematic approaches to problem solving, which isn’t stressed in school

What are the benefits of this class?

  • You will learn essential strategies to solve a variety of Free Response Questions (FRQ) systematically

  • You will review and discuss content paired with College Board AP objectives.

  • You will reinforce the work you are doing in your high school Chemistry course.

  • You will be able to hone your skills even further with a wide range of practice problems and tests.

  • You will meet like-minded, ambitious students who will push you to succeed.


  • Must have completed 10th Grade Chemistry


  • 2 hours of weekly instruction.

  • TA Advanced Chemistry Methods

  • Weekly FRQ

  • 1 AP Mock