Apr 29

New Service: College-Bound Profile (with Strong®)

Tokyo Academics is excited to announce a new service for high school students: the “College-Bound Profile” counseling service. As part of our growing menu of College Admissions Counseling services, this 90-minute session provides students with a solid foundation to identify personal values, interests, and passions; explore majors and career trajectories; and plan for the overall college admissions process.

What is the College-Bound Profile?

In a single 90-minute session, students will:

  • Identify potential major/career paths that align with their interests
  • Connect students’ academic interests, work styles, and preferences regarding learning and leisure to high-ranking and best-fit universities and colleges
  • Aid students in planning a plan for study, extracurricular activities, and further information-gathering to strengthen their college applications and awareness of options for post-secondary study
  • Work through a series of self-evaluative activities to help students determine their focus earlier on, and plan their high school career accordingly
  • Outline a plan-of-action to research, develop, and execute a meaningful long-term approach to their high school career

What is the Strong®?

The College-Bound Profile counseling session draws from the Strong Interest Inventory®, a psychological assessment that provides robust insight into a person’s interests and identifies related academic trajectories and career paths. Based on over 80 years of empirical research, the Strong® provides respondents with comprehensive information about relevant fields of study, extracurricular opportunities, and career paths.

Students complete the assessment online at home and then sit down in a one-on-one 90-minute session with a Strong®-certified counselor to review their results across four instrument measures.

Who will benefit?

This counseling session is perfect for students in 9th through 12th grade who:

  • Are undecided regarding their academic and career interests
  • Want to learn more about themselves and the opportunities available to them
  • Have a wide range of interests, both academically and personally
  • Wish to hone their academic strengths and focus on their career goals
  • Are considering a wide range of potential options and want help on how to make the most of their opportunities
  • Want to jump-start their college search process with psychologically-backed research and resources

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