Tokyo Academics is excited to announce a new service for high school students: the “College-Bound Profile” counseling service. As part of our growing menu of College Admissions Counseling services, this 90-minute session provides students with a solid foundation to identify personal values, interests, and passions; explore majors and career trajectories; and plan for the overall college admissions process.


What is the College-Bound Profile?

In a single 90-minute session, students will:

  • Identify potential major/career paths that align with their interests
  • Connect students’ academic interests, work styles, and preferences regarding learning and leisure to high-ranking and best-fit universities and colleges
  • Aid students in planning a plan for study, extracurricular activities, and further information-gathering to strengthen their college applications and awareness of options for post-secondary study
  • Work through a series of self-evaluative activities to help students determine their focus earlier on, and plan their high school career accordingly
  • Outline a plan-of-action to research, develop, and execute a meaningful long-term approach to their high school career


What is the Strong®?

The College-Bound Profile counseling session draws from the Strong Interest Inventory®, a psychological assessment that provides robust insight into a person’s interests and identifies related academic trajectories and career paths. Based on over 80 years of empirical research, the Strong® provides respondents with comprehensive information about relevant fields of study, extracurricular opportunities, and career paths.

Students complete the assessment online at home and then sit down in a one-on-one 90-minute session with a Strong®-certified counselor to review their results across four instrument measures.


Who will benefit?

This counseling session is perfect for students in 9th through 12th grade who:

  • Are undecided regarding their academic and career interests
  • Want to learn more about themselves and the opportunities available to them
  • Have a wide range of interests, both academically and personally
  • Wish to hone their academic strengths and focus on their career goals
  • Are considering a wide range of potential options and want help on how to make the most of their opportunities
  • Want to jump-start their college search process with psychologically-backed research and resources

How do I register?

To register for a College-Bound Profile counseling session, please register here: College-Bound Profile Registration. Registration must be completed by the student; at the end of the scheduling questions are a small number of self-reflection questions which will help us provide better counseling services.


After filling out the form, students will be emailed a link to complete the Strong Interest Inventory® at home and our counselors will contact you to arrange an in-person appointment based on your availability.


How can I learn more about College Counseling @ TA?

We’ll be unveiling new services through the 2018-2019 academic year! If you have specific questions about our services or would like to speak with a counselor, please email Be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and the Tokyo Academics blog to the first to know about our new services.


What if I need counseling help *now*?

If you’re already in the process of applying for universities, you know that October is a busy time—SATs, early decision, etc. Don’t fret! Tokyo Academics can help!


On Monday, October 8th and Tuesday, October 9th, Tokyo Academics will be offering 4 workshop sessions for students to receive feedback from our top admissions and essay specialists at a heavily discounted rate. The morning sessions will be led by Tyler Kusunoki, our College Admissions Director, while the evening sessions will be led by Taka Okubo, our Essay Counseling Director. Each session will be capped at 8 students and seats will be provided on a first come, first serve basis.


Monday, October 8th

Morning Session: 10am-12pm

Evening Session: 7-9pm


Tuesday, October 9th

Morning Session: 10am-12pm

Evening Session: 7-9pm


To register, please follow our registration link here or email your student name and desired time slots to Our counselors will then follow-up with any necessary instructions regarding payment and sharing of documents.