Feb 08

International students have one more chance to take SAT subject tests

It’s official. College Board’s decision to do away with SAT subject tests and the SAT Optional Essay was made to help students “adapt to new realities and changes to the college admissions process.” The SAT Subject test and SAT Optional Essay used to be seen as a way for students to distinguish themselves for tough admissions officers on their application. Now, with the focus shifting towards AP exams, College Board determined the time was right for “reducing and simplifying demands on students.”

SAT Subject Tests
Subject Tests are no longer available to students in the U.S. Students who are registered for one or more SAT subject tests will automatically have their registration canceled and be issued a refund.

Students in international locations are still eligible to sit for the Subject tests through June. Currently, there are two remaining opportunities to take the Subject Tests—in May and June of 2021. As a result, you can either proceed with the May and June administrations or contact the College Board to cancel your registration for a full refund.

SAT Optional Essay
The optional essay section of the general SAT will be offered through June 2021. After June, it will be available only to students living in states that use the SAT for state-mandated testing on a school day (such as Delaware and Oklahoma).

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