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Introducing TA’s Humanities Department

The Humanities Learning Community

Here at Tokyo Academics, we pride ourselves on fostering an innovative learning community where students can grow into creative and bright scholars of tomorrow. Our humanities learning community focuses on helping students excel in reading comprehension, written and oral communication, and critical thinking through group classes and subject tutoring in English, history, and the social sciences. With humanities instructors hailing from Ivy League institutions and premier universities around the world, Tokyo Academics provides students unparalleled opportunities for academic enrichment and quality mentorship.

Learning Emphases

Tokyo Academics is invested in the holistic development of middle and high school students, and our humanities learning community targets three primary learning emphases for student growth:

  • Language comprehension and expression
  • Historical understanding and knowledge
  • Critical thinking around social issues

Students can pursue these emphases and become involved in our humanities learning community through group classes, test preparation, one-on-one subject tutoring, and unstructured use of our community’s print and digital resources. Tokyo Academics helps both middle and high school students excel across the humanities curriculum and prepare for college-level English mastery.

[My favorite part of teaching is] when a student presents a cogent and cohesive response that I disagree with. A teacher’s job is not to tell a student what to think, but show them how to — and moments like this are symptomatic of success. – Subo

Language Comprehension and Expression

The humanities learning community pushes students to improve their skills with written and oral expression and master requisite English vocabulary and grammar for success in high school and post-secondary education. As part of the community, students get guidance, feedback, and mentorship from our tutors while collaboratively expanding their mastery of English with their peers.

Enrichment Courses

Our humanities learning community offers a plethora of stand-alone enrichment courses for students seeking to improve their knowledge and skills in the humanities. Students in our enrichment courses have a unique opportunity to build skills that will improve their academic performance while fostering friendships with other international students in Tokyo. Students interested in expanding their English vocabulary should consider joining one of our free vocabulary classes, offered each academic quarter. We also offer courses on creative and persuasive writing, debate and oral expression, and crucial English skills.

Writing Consultation

Tokyo Academics provides one-on-one writing consultation appointments. Through our essay counseling service, TA helps students with conceptualizing, drafting, and editing their boarding school and university admission application essays, which constitute the single most important qualitative component of any student’s application package. Tutors also work with students seeking assistance with their AP Seminar or AP Research papers or IB Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge papers, both during project conceptualization and during the drafting and editing phases.

We have experience [helping] students find a unique and personal story, which is one of the most important parts of these [application] essays… I want them to be able to express themselves in a unique voice. – Clara

Subject Tutoring

Tutors work with students on varied subjects across the humanities curriculum, from language arts to history to psychology. Our tutors provide specialized one-on-one or group lessons catered to each student’s needs, respective international school curriculum, and long-term goals, all established collaboratively between students, parents, and tutors in our initial consultation appointments. Tutors teach fundamental English grammar and vocabulary, U.S. and world history, and social sciences such as psychology, economics, and religious studies. For students working on their writing skills, our tutors also teach the fundamentals of persuasive, expository, and narrative writing and can help students outline, draft, and proofread practice writing exercises and assignments from school.

Test Preparation

Our humanities tutors also specialize in helping students with the verbal, grammar, and reading comprehension portions of major standardized tests, such as the SAT, ACT, SSAT, and ISEE. Tutors also work with students preparing for English-language exams, such as the TOEFL, TOEIC, and EIKEN. We offer group courses throughout the year, including intensive study courses during major academic breaks. Students can also request one-on-one or group lessons to work directly with a tutor on substantive test content and test-taking strategies.

Historical Understanding and Knowledge

Tutors in the humanities learning community also help students excel in their history courses by teaching the requisite skills needed to analyze the history, or change over time, of different regions of the world. Aiding students from middle through high school, tutors work with students to improve their content knowledge of history and their skills in working with historical documents.

High school history can be overwhelming… Students should utilize our AP History courses as additional time to organize and synthesize this huge amount of information in an environment that allows them to brainstorm and problem solve and learn from their peers. – Tyler

Group Classes

We offer group classes for students enrolled in AP World History and AP US History, which review the material addressed in students’ classes and prepare students for the culminating AP examination. Students in these courses have the chance to dig deeper into the topics covered on the exam while practicing techniques to improve their overall score, including how to analyze primary documents and craft a historical essay.

Course Tutoring

Students enrolled in history courses not covered by our group classes, including middle school history classes, AP European History, or IB history courses, have the option of requesting one-on-one or group lessons. Group lessons provide students with the opportunity to collaboratively learn and engage with historical topics and source documents, and our history tutors utilize a plethora of resources and teaching tools in both one-on-one and group lessons to encourage different kinds of learners to engage with historical materials.

Critical Thinking Around Social Issues

Our humanities learning community is also responsible for teaching and tutoring in areas of social science and critical thinking. We aim to improve students’ overall ability to conceptualize, analyze, and evaluate complex issues in culture, politics, and society. Students gain knowledge and skills to succeed academically and become future scholars, leaders, and innovators.

When I teach students Economics, Sociology, or even Statistics, I work toward improving their critical thinking skills so that by the time they make it to college they’re asking deep questions that will solve the problems of today and tomorrow. – Evan

Enrichment Courses

Tokyo Academics offers standalone enrichment courses aimed at promoting students’ analytical and rhetorical skills. In previous years, we’ve taught courses on debate, critical thinking, and persuasive writing. Our debate and critical thinking classes target different age groups, from grade 4 and up, and promote skills that students will use in their language arts, history, and social science classes throughout middle and high school. Students learn to evaluate evidence, develop arguments and counter-arguments, and employ strategic rhetorical techniques.

Research Guidance

Exemplary students have a unique opportunity through Tokyo Academics to pursue original, individually executed research projects in areas of their own interest. High-performing students who wish to pursue a social science project will be paired with a subject specialist among our team of tutors who will guide them through project conceptualization, literature review, and study design. In the humanities learning community, we are well-equipped to support student research in history, psychology, sociology, and economics, with trained scholars in archival study, statistical methods, survey design, and interview/ethnographic research.

Join our Community

My favorite part of essay counseling is getting to know the student at a much deeper level … A good essay counseling session requires a lot of trust and understanding between the counselor and the student, and I love relationship-building with [my] students – Riko

Connecting students, family, and tutors, our humanities learning community is an exciting arena for students to learn and grow in meaningful, targeted ways. Our tutors strive to make deep connections with students and help them develop skills that will serve them throughout their educational careers and into adulthood.

We also invite family members to take an active role in the learning process. During a diagnostic appointment, you have the opportunity to get to know our tutors, learn more about our services, and get connected to our resources.

In addition, we are always growing and expanding. If you have ideas for future programs or services, or if you would like to request we offer a particular subject or class, please feel free to email support@tokyoacademics.com. We would love to hear from you, and we look forward to having you join our exciting, cutting-edge humanities learning community!

Stay tuned as over the next few weeks we’ll be announcing our group classes for the upcoming school year and highlighting our other departments!

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