Elementary school can raise or lower student academic confidence and passion:

  • Understanding division, units, and fractions can lead to a love of math, but missing these concepts can cause dislike
  • Knowing the grammar rules, writing structures, and vocabulary pushes students to be fearless and creative in their writing
  • Exploring various fiction, nonfiction, and vocabulary fosters a love of reading

Build and strengthen your elementary foundations and passions with us.

Group Classes

Tokyo Academics classes are structured to provide individualized curriculum and learning in a group environment. You’ll be able to take advantage of class discussions, group work, and positive peer pressure through all of our classes. We strictly limit class sizes to ensure a high level of student-teacher interaction.

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Private Lessons

One-on-one lessons are scheduled for your convenience, and tailored to your needs. Having trouble grasping key concepts? Need to catch your breath on a fast-moving class? Keen to acquire a more in-depth understanding of what you’re covering? A one on one session with one of our elite tutors may be for you.

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A truly world-class and international environment. We take pride in our diversity and our teaching, work, and culture reflects the international communities we grew up in: New York, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and elsewhere.

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By Hillary W. (10th Grade)

Tokyo Academics has been a small miracle in our lives and I am truly grateful. Our tutor made a real connection with our son, who responded very well to the tutor’s easy going personality. Our son made excellent progress in all subjects. I highly recommend Tokyo Academics to any family looking for an incredibly reliable, diligent, and qualified tutor.

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