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Tokyo Academics is proud to offer our proven college planning services to the students and families of the Yokohama area. Join hundreds of students who’ve already taken their first steps to getting into the colleges of their dreams.

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Dear Yokohama Students and Families,

My name is Tyler Kusunoki and I’m the Director of Admissions Consulting at Tokyo Academics. Over the course of my 15+ years doing consulting work, the world of college admissions has changed so much. Today, a majority of students and families find themselves overwhelmed by the plethora of services, supposed “success” strategies, and misinformation they’re bombarded with on a daily basis. 

TA’s Admissions Consulting division has always been rooted in a tried-and-true, student-first approach. Our mission is to provide clarity, accountability, and personalized planning for students to help them identify their passions, set clear goals, and meaningfully improve their chances of getting into schools where they’ll have the most success. 

As a Chinese-Japanese-American who has grown up in Minnesota, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, and Tokyo, Yokohama’s unique combination of histories and cultures is one that I am eager to come and support. As students continue to transition out of COVID, and amidst all the constant changes in the international school community, I look forward to becoming a reliable resource of support and guidance in the Yokohama area. I look forward to meeting with each of you to learn how our team can best serve you and lead you towards greater success. 



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August 28

The ‘Why This School?’ essay can be one of the trickiest to tackle during the admissions process. Join us as we break down a few excellent examples.

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